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Ryan Sheckler's truck was allegedly stolen late friday night.  The Orange County Sheriff's Department got a call about a hit and run accident with a possible drunk driver.  Police then followed the alleged vehicle into a dead end, when the driver of the truck realized he had no where to go he fliped a U-turn and floored it towards the police. At that moment the police opened fire on the truck.  It is understood by TMZ that Sheckler was not in the car.  But the Orange County Sheriff's Department is investigating the relation of the driver to Ryan.  The whole story sounds a little fishy so people are now saying what they think really happened over on the Forum.


    Re: Ryan Sheckler's Truck Shot Up in Police Standoff

    Nov 03, 2010 22:20 pm
    by turkeylurkey

    [quote author=blatablatblau link=topic=48060.msg1302222#msg1302222 date=1288755885]
    hhaha this is too good

    Is this the gunshots speaking?

    Nov 03, 2010 22:17 pm
    by CRWitter

    [quote author=Bubblegum Tate link=topic=48060.msg1301539#msg1301539 date=1288676220]


    All that time in the gym is making him look like one of these guys

    Nov 03, 2010 13:42 pm
    by Chris P. Bacon

    [quote author=deaner link=topic=48060.msg1302247#msg1302247 date=1288758854]
    "[Ryan lives in] a secure neighborhood. He just kinda throws [the keys] on the console all the time."

    is that how people roll in the OC?
    i know where he lives, its in a gated community (with big gates) a 24 hour security gaurd, and probably more security than that inside the nieghborhood, highly doubting anyone could get in there and into his car without being noticed. had to be an inside job.

    Nov 03, 2010 12:37 pm
    by MexicanSpaniard

    I haven't taken a poo-poo today, I'm starting to feel a little sick.

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