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Patrick Odell Interview

Patrick O'Dell is the man behind Epicly Later'd- the video vignette web show that gets up close and personal with skateboarding's finest, worst and most interesting. With no real video experience, Patrick dove in and began producing interviews, day-in-the-life experiences, and then eventually full retrospective pieces on some of the most sought-after skaters around. The shows have gone a long way in allowing people to glimpse the personalities behind the tricks in a real-time way, and have offered up some good insight on the lives of the subjects. We asked Patrick to turn the camera on himself for a few minutes and have friends Jerry Hsu and Kevin Long ask him some questions about what goes into the making of Epicly Laterd. Check out what he has to say, edited with some clips from the Season 1 dvd, some exclusive unseen clips of Jim Greco and Mark Gonzales, plus a teaser for an upcoming batch of episodes on Guy Mariano. - Mark Whiteley
Patrick O'Dell interview by Jerry Hsu & Spanky, with unseen Gonz & Greco footage.
Teaser for upcoming Guy Mariano episode on Epicly Later'd!

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