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20th Century Fox sues Skatebook over Simpsons illustrations

Tuesday, 15 March 2011 08:14

    Mike Ballard, who runs Skatebook, sent out the following email:

    "First the bad news, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and its related entities (collectively "Fox") is sueing Skatebook for paying tribute too and turning Bart Simpson Pro, illustrating him ripping the most famous spots in skateboarding's history. So more than likely Skatebook is a wrap because of the legal fees and cost this suit will bring down on this non profit dig. Second if your selling this classic book Fox is demanding it be pulled from the shelf's and destroyed or else.
    But the good news is, your classic edition of "Skatebook Lance Mountain Edition" will surely go up in worth, it will probably be worth more then the coveted Cardial cover book that has recently been sold for 240 bucks on Amazon.com
    We will keep everyone posted on the case, pray for us that we can somehow survive the wrath of the Fox Intellectual Property Department, they seem to think Skatebook is a big company with deep pockets.
    From the entire Skatebook staff, (meaning me, myself and I)
    Thanks for your support, Mike Ballard"

    On the forum, there's some debate over all of this. Is it fair use? Is it unauthorized? Is it ironic? And who did the illustrations?