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Hoo boy, is 2012 off to an interesting start. On January 5, J Casanova was arrested after a possibly PCP-fueled naked rampage upon a NYC hotel hallway. Charlie Sheenish antics got him coverage on high-profile websites like The Huffington Post, the New York Post, and the Wall Street Journal. Will jail slow him down? Or will the notoriety pump his tiger blood harder? Either way, it makes for some good inspiration in our Selfish graphic contest.

In similar overnight celebrity gossip, Andy Roy earned himself a TMZ post after being tackled off the stage at a DMX show. Security thought he was trying to choke him out, but it turned out Andy just wanted to give a hug from one ex-jailbird to another. X even posed with him for a picture on Jim Thiebaud’s Instagram after the set.

Full blown skate celeb, Rob Dyrdek, announced at Zumiez $100K party that he’s purchasing Alien Workshop from Burton. Details are hazy on whether he’s just buying Alien or all of DNA Distribution, and Burton CFO Mike Rees even came out saying that the deal isn’t final yet, but he’s got people wondering what effect it will have on their beloved AWS.

Speaking of DNA, Have you seen Mark Suciu’s Atlas part? The kid is amazing. Even the forum gives his casual destruction a unanimous thumbs up, despite prior naysayers.

Finally, DGKalis coaxed in new forum member, Richie Jackson. He’s quite well-spoken, despite his confusing bag of tricks. We’re welcoming him with an official Pals Question. Ask him anything here

By the way, did you know that 1 in 3000 girls have two vaginas?


Quotes of the Week:

layzieyes: “When I saw that Mitt had a bunch of sons, I thought he would name them all something like Glove, Sock, Scarf, Bandana, and Belt.”

Zurg (January 12): “i liked when habitat was a little more east coast centric…im pretty medium on suciu.”

Zurg (January 13): “well, suciu made me eat my words pretty damn fast”

Donkey Lips: "I'll be blacking out tonight also in protest of sopa."