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New Quiksilver CEO Andy Mooney is cutting people left and right, dropping their whole skate team as well as Roxy's, along with a handful of surfers. Umbrella sister DC also cut their BMX program, which they can probably just pass off as the next step in their "Rediscover" campaign.

Tom Knox (The younger, more British one) is the next am announced on Shier's and Jensen's new, still unnamed company.

Tony Hawk shared some interesting sentiment this week, suggesting that selling boards in big box stores like Wal-Mart and Target is good for skateboarding. Just like selling Pizza Hut in their stores is good for people with arteries?

It appears as though Axion's announcement of shutting down was a tad premature, as they are currently searching for a new licensee.

Shawn Powers, Pat Burke, and another Ben Raybourn part? Yes, please.

Quote of the week:

GAY: “The clap is one of the only things I haven't caught yet...rolling your ankle is way worse I'm willing to bet. Think of it as rolling your penis.”