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We had a nice surprise at the office this week when Brian Lotti popped in with SLAP lifer Joe Brook. He came around again today to answer your Pals Questions. Check back soon to hear the nice things he had to say. Until then, see what Corey and Matty had to say.

Sheckler apparently picked up the least chill girl in Vegas, who stole approximately $100,000 in jewelry from his hotel room while he slept. Sometimes you just have to tone down that shine.

Consider putting your One in a Million boycott on hold to watch the most recent episode. It's got drunken rain slams, a shinner to gut smack, and a double set massacre for your pleasure.

In board news, Jan Kliewer has been officially announced on Pontus Alv's Polar, and Life Extention picked up new am Eric Fletcher. Did the forum pals have something to do with the latter?

Speaking of the pals, rep your city in the SLAP pals tumblr project!

Quote of the week:

grimcity: "I'm at an age where sitting for 10 minutes can cause rapid weight gain."