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Congrats to forum member Willy Santos Cut My Hair on winning the Selfish deck design contest! Is Selfish announcing a new pro in time for the deck to be released?

And more congrats to OIAM alumnus Adam Simoni on getting backed by Hype!

Apparently the Hell's Angels are suing Rob Dyrdek and MTV for their use of the Death Head in Rob's Fantasy Factory. It's probably better than the alternative.

Jake Brown and Blind have parted ways and it looks like Moose is on Omit.

Santa Cruz's Derby Park has survived a recent motion to alter the historic skatepark, thanks in part to The Illusion. Cambridge's legendary C-Bowl, on the other hand, is done for, with all of the tranny getting filled in with new concrete. RIP.

Does Weezy have a skate shoe line coming out?

If you missed Fabo Les's video Seinfelds 2, get on it!

And ask Sammy Baptista whatever you want!