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In a recent NYC rape trial, skateboarder Gregory Matherly offered his eyewitness account in former police officer Michael Pena's gunpoint sexual assault of a Manhattan schoolteacher. But he was reportedly ignored by some of the jurors, denounced as the "skateboard witness." As a result, Pena was charged with the lesser sexual assault charges, and not the heavier rape charge. As skateboarders, this disenfranchising is unfortunately nothing new. Take this opportunity to show that skateboarders can't just be brushed under the rug by the legal system by signing this petition.

On a lighter note, LE pro Tony Tave is next up for SLAP Pals Questions. Dan Pensyl's answers will be up VERY soon.

Ask Tony if it's true that Antwuan is his new teammate. Wouldn't be the first stoner power move of the week. Other rumors suggest that Chet Childress may be riding for Heroin.  And Peter Stege has been announced on Polar.

Looks like the pizza hits the fan on next week's One in a Million.

The Map Masquerade ran into some trouble in the southeast, but it doesn't look like it slowed them down at all.

Do you dig smaller companies? Want to see them last more than a couple seasons? Then put your money where your mouth is and support them this month. Details on potential discounts, giveaways, and where to buy them inside.

Quotes of the week:

trannies and mannies: "Antwaun uses some sort of social networking? This is news to me."

able: "I swear these thoughts went through my brain when Grant did that gnarly noseblunt slide 'Grant Taylor? What's he doing in here. Thought he rode for Thrasher.... oh wait.... oh god'"