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Kevin Terpening has officially left Alien Workshop after straying toward greener pastures with Dill and AVE's new venture. Similarly, Powell powerhouse Jordan Hoffart spilled the beans that he and Josh Hawkins are off the team, lending credibility for the rumor of a total team layoff. What it means for mainstays like Steve Caballero or the massive Bones squad is unkown.

Dakota Servold, on the other hand, is doing just fine and dandy after his new pro status at Foundation. Additionally, Creation Skateboards picked up Wells Shaw and Picture wheels snatched up Benny Fairfax.

SF's landmark Cardiel rail is facing destruction now that Apple plans to purchase the space from Levi's and revamp it in favor of their usual metal box, taking the stairs, plaza, fountain, and rail out of the picture. Cut those knobs and get a Smith in while you have the chance, fellas.

Do yourself a favor and scroll through "really weird tricks" to bend your brain and figure out some of these forgotten maneuvers.

Quote of the week:

stephendedalus: "I was starting to think going pro went to Suciu's head. Dude hasn't put out a part in what, like 2 months now? Might as well move to New York and start taking polaroids of banjos."