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In a saddening story, San Diego area skateboarder Kevin Fuzi committed suicide after becoming mentally unstable during five days in jail for a skateboarding violation. Elements of the story are missing, but jailtime for skateboarding is a sickening concept and the end result is tragic. RIP. Pour one out for James Gandolfini too.

In lighter news, it's Go Skateboarding Day. Go celebrate and tell us what you did.

Nike introduced golden child Trevor Colden with an impressive video part, along with Cliché power am Kevin Bradley.

Finally recovering from the DVS shuffle, Andrew Brophy found a new home at Converse Australia.

Congrats to everybody's favorite Daniel Lutheran on turning pro for Toy Machine.

Times are tough and it's healthy to wonder if companies handle business the right way. Hopefully when things come crashing, one of us will have patented this idea.

Quote of the week:

SodaJerk: "I know people who have more tattoos than Antwuan."

Hairy Ballsagna: "This can only mean you know that guy with the full body cheetah tattoo."