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Eric Koston's Epicly Later'd has premiered to a great response and heavy anticipation for upcoming episodes. Check it if you have yet to see it.

Brick Harbor announced Ishod Wair, Jake Johnson, and Dennis Busenitz to their already heavy squad.

Is anybody able to elaborate on this unsavory incident in Madrid this week?

Read and share some fun facts to impress influential people at parties this weekend.

Forrest Edwards is in San Francisco and ready to answer any questions you have whenever he takes a break from murdering shit.

Quote of the week:

Seamus_McShamebag: "That was a riot? When I was in grade school the crowd control at our school play presentation of Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker" was more aggressive than that shit. I think you might have just filmed flash mob dance crew that chose body armor as their matching ensemble."

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