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After being pushed through city council, LA's anti-hill bombing law has been passed. In addition, the law states that you can be ticketed for skating "recklessly or in such a manner or at such a speed as to cause or threaten to cause injury to himself or herself or to others.'' The vague language may suggest you could be ticketed for kickflipping up a curb if a cop deems your skating too reckless.

World traveler Kenny Reed is now skating for Creation. What does that mean for Rasa Libre?

Daewon is still skating for DVS after the shift from Podium to Sequential Brands Group.

Congratulations to Willow on turning pro for Almost.

If Creature is John Carpenter and Enjoi is the Farrelly brothers, who would that make Blood Wizard?

Quote of the week:

sluggers: "'The ordinance calls for skaters to stand while riding on public roads, sidewalks, parking lots or other public property, explains City News Service.' This should be called the 'Gino Law' no bending your knees or crouching down when you pop."

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