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Map Masquerade Tour Video: San Francisco

Tuesday, 28 February 2012 12:59
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    First off Congratulations to Adam Costa ( sweatercuff on the SLAP Forum) for finding the first contest geocache during the Map Masquerade tour. He found the product and the hidden usb footage at the entrance to the gold strike hot springs in Boulder City Nevada within 3 hours of our post, setting the bar pretty high for the coming cache contestants. Now we get to share the premier clip from the Bottoms Up crew and Map Masquerade tour to rest of the world. This footage is from the last two months in San Francisco prior to our departure. During this time the conditions where right for the Masquerade to be conceived. 4 yinzers, 3 florida dirts, Sleeping in a one bedroom apartment, dodging parking tickets in the Tenderloin, a constant flow of Philz coffee, the procuring of a tour van and a consistant drive to skateboard in new and unexplored environments motivated us towards our final goal. To spread quality skateboarding and skateboard product across the country in support of local growth and community between skateboarders and skateshops. Special thanks to slap magazine for hosting the tour and to all our sponsors for providing the prizes and support. Follow us at asenseofdirection.org or @mapmasquerade on instagram/twitter to participate and watch the tour progress. Stay tuned on SLAP to see the clips as they are found and premiered. Enjoy skateboarding, and B^up.

    -Jake Johnson

    Special thanks to Mike Daher and Chapin Atchinson for making this tour possible! Enjoy.