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Episode 1 of this year's OIAM has already been getting tons of play, and we got word back from a few skatebloggers with their take on it...

From Quartersnacks:
There is a foreboding undercurrent to the first episode of One in a Million. And it is not the prospect of missed chances at dream tricks, injuries, or the inevitable "there can only be one winner" outcome. It is something more in tune with the sinister, vice-filled undercurrent that has created and ruined so many great skateboarders. A skinny cousin to the full-bodied whiskey bottle. A close relative to the out-of-control tab at a strip club detour of any routine skateboard tour. It's a measly, unlit, seemingly innocent...cigarette.
But really, is it that innocent in the context of college pursuits in mathematics, chocolate chip cookies, and enthusiastic bosses who are quick to post about their employee's professional skateboarding dreams on Facebook? Forrest Edwards' cigarette has already caught heat on YouTube, but for all the wrong reasons. The issue is not him "being a total dick," as one of the top-rated comments points out, but what sort of havoc this stick of tobacco represents when juxtaposed against a crew of bushy-tailed youngsters that think skateboarding is all ambition, dedication, and Mountain Dew. Edwards, his confident declaration of "not gay" trick capabilities, and subtle Phillip-Morris endorsement will be sure to unravel what is behind skateboarding's dark curtain of vice. Every "reality" endeavor needs one of these characters, because good skateboarding and a bunch of white guys perusing college degrees just doesn't cut it these days. Just when the sky seemed to be the limit, that cigarette is sitting there in the final shot, nestled in a screwface among the smiles, just waiting to topple dreams left and right.
P.S. That varial heelflip that Rueben Barrack does could have had a Mini Cooper in front of the stair set and he still probably would have cleared it.

From Palacewaywards (PWBC):
Slap Magazine One in a Million 2010 is here! I have been waiting a whole year for this moment. Jussssst kiddin.
Who's gonna win? I have no idea. That black dude is pretty good, I like his fake bad attitude and his photo pose in the group photo. Its quite hard to look gangster surrounded by six white guys and a wooden Mountain Dew quarter pipe. He's defo more exciting than the 16 year old kid with mad stubble.
At this moment in time we don't care about anyone except MANGO.
MANGO is a ruler and we want him to win.
Yours Sincerely,
Francis Showerface  P.W.B.C

And from Tiltmode Army:
SLAP is making it happen for the young bucks with this year's OIAM. I dunno about you, but Mark Whiteley has my vote for Stallion of the Year. These OIAM videos are worth watching just to see his beautiful face alone, but they also come correct with a bunch of shred-tastic, gnarlers getting their grind on for the shot at one million dollars cold hard cash some internet fame and sponsorship!

Thanks for the feedback and coverage! If somehow you've not yet seen it, let us help you out: