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1.1Remember when parks & rec said they would build a skatepark here a few years ago? A street plaza? Instead a new brick road....


1.2In the hunt for spots we came across this relic. Once upon a time there was a bus stop pushed up against this ledge. Gonz & Thiebaud skated it many years ago by threading the needle behind the bus stop with grinds and slides. Pretty G.

1.3Daydreaming. Any takers?

1Oh shit, Ferny's got an idea.

2One man's construction handicap accessible ramp is another man's skate spot.

3Just a moment folks. A few minor adjustments.

4Push this over here.

6Bing, Bam, Boom. A little spot for a little bit of afternoon fun.

7Was a bit of a headache crossing the street, timing the light, and using a bike line as a run-up. That's city skating for you.

8tunz.crook.barriorspotAlex "Tons of fun" Wolslagel tests the barrier with a BS crooked grind.

9But will it tip if you slide it? Naw, Ferny FS tailslides with ease.

10adrian.FSnose.barriorSpotAdrian Mallory puts down a FS noseslide while the lurkers instagram, tweet & whatever other social networking apps I forgot.

11ferny.nosegrind.barriorSpotThis thing's about done. One last trick before lunch. Ferny FS nosegrind.

12Hotdogs & garlic fries. 'Nuff said, good day.