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1Starting the day with a quick visit to our not so happy homie Chris Jata.


2What happened?

3I'm not a doctor but that doesn't look so good.

4So the knuckle separated and broke, snagging the skin in your palm before bursting out of your skin? Fuck, get well soon!

5First spot of the day. Market Street post office.

8The flat ground isn't bad either. Pat Moran SW fs shuvit.

6Quickly the crowd assembles.

7Legends of the tenderloin arrive by any means necessary.

10Pat.WallieSWcrook.postOfficePat intends not to disappoint. SW wallie crook back to switch like a G.

11Farther up the street we met up with the GX1000 crew and some construction nonsense.

12These two back in the bay. Yonnie Cruz & Abdias Rivera.

13The ideas are brewing. Ryan Garshell & Brian Downey talk ideas and possibilities.

14Ryan springs into action for the photo.

16Meanwhile, Ben Gore gives this random lady some photo advice.

15iPhone vs. Leica. Only time will tell on this one.

17Insta-gratification.... Brian Downey/ Ollie. Photo by @GX1000.

18Analog isn't dead, good to see friends still out shooting with these.