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marquis.FSheelflip.OverRail.lowThis was one of LA's hot spots early last year, after the park was renovated they replaced the tiny over rails with enlarged capped rails. Marquis Preston prefers it this way FS heelflip.

raf.fscrookfakie.lowIn SF we are known for our colorful houses and hill bombs. Raphael Aleev has a different approach. Uphill FS crooks to fakie.

nate.50.bump2bar.lowThe life of a skateboarder sends us down much different roads in the course of our lives then others, Canadian skateboarder Nate Lacoste takes the road less traveled and gets towed in for this uphill 5-0 where most grind or slide the ledge into bank.


Underground bay area ripper Alex Conn gets hooked up by nobody but skates better than you. 50-50 wallie.

billy.bstail.constructionFlatBar.lowUrban dictionary needs to add another definition to the word "cutty." They can go ahead and add this picture of Billy Roper doing a BS tailslide. If the reader can't figure out its meaning by that, then they are lost.

andy.FS360.bumpOverbar.Emeryville.lowMidwestern skateboarder Andy Sisomboune spins a FS 360 over bump to bar somewhere in Oakland.

steve.FSsmith.lowWall rails never get old but this one is on the end of its life. The building it's at is being destroyed. In its last days Steve Perdue catches a FS Smith and pops out.


Last year the homies and I went on the Map Masquerade tour. This seq of Max Van Arnem didnt make it into print but the double Ollie he did that day is still pretty cool.

ryan.treewallie.lowWho filmers want to be. Ryan Garshell; the man the myth the legend. "GX1000" tree wallie.

dan.bsOvaCrook.14lowLittle guy loves the big rails. Daniel DuBois man size BS overcrook.