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5blockhomiesWho warms up anymore? First spot of the day.


jon.filmingJon (Greyscale) Rezonable working on his angles & his tan.



Jesse Vieira comes though with a heavy FS tailslide in two tries.


footballWarmupsNext spot/football session.


coltonwodieWisconsin invasion. Colton (SF Treat) Light and one of Madison, WI finest alumni Andrew Norris.


coltonFilmingThe boys spring into action.


noe.noseslideEvery spot in SF is a bike route. Noe Chavez gets his legs loose with a noseslide.


kid.50The session starts to heat up. Greg Demartini/FS 5-0.


noecoltonEveryone's getting it.


noe.crookI think this angle's better. Noe Chavez get this crook at the end of a little down hill line.


homiesPushingDTOn to the next spot.