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Words and photos by Stephen Morrison.


Nate Alton and Acid Alex put out the word yesterday that the spot under the freeway was in jeopardy. Despite online and written petitions that got about 2000 signatures in 2 days and trying to communicate with the cities involved, the spot was demolished. By the time I had made it through the commuter traffic and got to the spot it was too late. Much respect to the dudes who spent the time, money, blood and sweat to build a spot that inspired skaters all around the bay. Caltrans has over 15,000 miles of highways and freeways in California under which they own most of the land. To give you an idea of how much that is, the earth at its equator clocks in at around 25,000. It’s just unfortunate that they aren’t willing to share especially since there is so much space taken up in bay area cities by overpasses and sky structures. The good times where worth it and you never know when a d.i.y. spot might stick and become a legit park.










Better days.