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We're all grateful for the Z-Boys. Their innovation of all the things we're capable of doing on four wheels has created an obsession for millions. That innovation is thanks to the group as a whole, but the obsession is embodied best by Jay. His disregard of fame and financial gain, and hesitance toward anything but skateboarding itself set an early tone of passion, individuality, and rebelliousness. Though Tony's and Stacy's technical contributions were equal, if not greater, and their influence stretched into early blueprints of "skater-owned" philosophy and artistic expression, Jay's influence is pumping through our blood each time we push faster, slash harder, and lean lower. We may not all identify with his recurring demons of addiction and the trouble that followed, but we're all familiar with that razor's edge he expressed in his Berts and his slashes, and the therapy that aggression provides, apparently bringing him peace in his twilight years. At its purest, skateboarding is aggressive, it's rebellious, and it's passionate. And it is because Jay made it that way. And we're thankful for it.

RIP Jay Adams 1961-2014

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