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After several years at his post-Firm home of Flip, Rodrigo TX and Flip have officially parted ways. Quote from the Flip headquarters:

"Flip Skateboards would like to let you know that they have a mutual parting of ways with Rodrigo TX. Everyone at Flip would like to thank Rodrigo for all the good times and wish him all the best for the future."

Many months of rumors have pointed to El Niño Facil (that's TX) running with the DGK crew, but no official word has been made. Will anything surface at the new Kayo TV site?

Meanwhile, after having left his long-time home of Flip for Alien Workshop several years back, Arto Saari has joined back up with old friend Geoff Rowley and is officially back in the Flip fold. Geoff and Arto announced the news on New Years Day via Thrasher:

Reaction to the news on the forum has been mixed: Arto news here and Rodrigo news here.

2011 should be filled with lots of news and changes, and SLAP wishes the best to everybody going through them and making them! For now let's enjoy some recent parts from Arto and Rodrigo before the changes...

Arto's part from "Mind Field":

And TX's part from "Extremely Sorry":