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Interview by Isaac Mckay-Randozzi. Photography by Joel Peck.

With an ability to do tech tricks with a Marc Johnson-esque smoothness and transition skills matched with a bag of tricks that harkens to Jason Adams, Tom Day can roll. A true ATV in the making, he's at home on transition and ledge. His sponsor-me edit, below, is full of gritty scrape-your-face-off spots that only could come from the harsh stone of England. Apart from a few photos in UK and European mags, there isn't too much info out there about the young lad from Lincolnshire, and given his quiet reputation, we weren't too sure how he'd answer these questions. Between shifts at the shop, shotgunning cans of Yoohoo, and skating, he sat down at the computer long enough to give us a glimpse into what the next generation of English countryside skaters are about.

Chris Pulman once said, "I just saw Tom Day do every trick I've ever done and every trick I've ever thought about doing in one run on that mini ramp."

How old are you and where are you from?

I'm 22 and I'm from a small village in Lincolnshire called Heckington, but I have been living in Manchester the last few years.

Where the hell is that?

I guess Lincolnshire is considered the east midland of England. It’s mainly an agricultural area used for farming, not really known for an abundance of spots. Think it's the only county in the UK that doesn't have a single motorway. It's rad though—has a really strong skate scene.

Growing up, whose video parts did you watch the most?

The first video I got was Welcome to Hell, Templeton's part in that is still one of my favorites. BA, Maldonado, Donny Barley. I got Everything's Going to be Alright (an old Heroin video) shortly after that, and rinsed Chris Pulman’s part. Pulman is the best. Was always really into Black Label videos as well.

Day_-_nosebonk_barrier Plenty of that English grit from the roll-up to roll-away. Nosebonk into the bank.

How young were you where you first tried Heroin (boards)?

Would have been about 12 or so I think. It was always an interesting Christmas/birthday list my mum would have to read. Heroin Tape Worm wheels, Nosebleed bearings.

What got you stoked on the company?

I was always stoked on the videos they put out. It always felt like the people on the team all enjoyed skating together and were having the best time. It felt like they never took skating that serious. And then the decks always looked sick. I was always going to buy a deck with zombies and mutants all over it.

Are you hooked-up by anyone else?

I've recently started getting HUF shoes through Out of Step Distribution, which I'm really stoked on. And NOTE skate shop in Manchester hook me up with everything else, as well as a job.

How long have you been working at the shop?

For little over a year.

Does it burn you out on skating, being around it on the retail level?

Doesn't really burn me out on skating that much. That’s the best part. However, the consumerism of humans is the bit that really gets to me. Selling the same logoed t-shirt all week because it been in the latest music video. People are sheep. It's grim facing that for 9 and a half hours, so it’s easier when you're just gripping boards.

_Q6T2002 Hop a fence and you might find yourself in a dream spot. Blunt three-flip fakie.

How did you get into skating that far out in the English mush?

My cousins used to visit me every few months when I was a kid and I would get into whatever new trend that they had fallen victim to. One day skateboarding was the new hot shit, and that was it, I was hooked.

You dropped other trends before. Why did skating stick?

It hasn't stopped being fun yet.

Have you traveled much?

We used to go on little skate trips every weekend. Just fill a car of bodies and all chip in petrol money to go skate a different park or town for the weekend. Sleep on someone’s floor or camp. Been on a few trips in Europe - Paris, Barcelona, Malaga. I went to the north of Portugal for a month with everyone from NOTE. We stayed in Braga most of the time but checked out a few other places around there. That was dope. Portugal has the best vibe about it. I'd love to go traveling more though. That's something I should probably do more of.

Have you been to the US?

I've never left Europe man, I'm keen though. I keep saying I'll save up and visit Fos in LA at some point but I've never gotten around to it. I've always wanted to visit New York and skate some of the spots on the East coast.

The harsh English weather makes harsh spots. What was your worst slam while filming for Video Nasty?

To be honest I got pretty lucky filming for Video Nasty. Rolled my ankle a fair few times and took a few horrible slams but fortunately never broke anything while filming for the video. I did have a rusty nail go through my finger, but that was mainly due to my own stupidity.

How long did it take you to film your part and did you go on any trips just to get footage for it?

It took a while I think but it was the first bit of footage I had put out for Heroin. We went away on a few trips filming for it. The first trip I went on was to Barcelona for a week and had an apartment that had no windows or natural daylight. It was horrible and resulted in us all getting depression and sleeping in until the afternoon. Don't think any footage from that trip made it into the video. Sorry Fos.

Tom_ss_crookAn ideal trick on not quite the ideal ledge. Switch crook.

What do you think of Street League?

To be honest, I've never really watched it. I did watch a New Jersey scum edit of Fred Gall hijacking the course which was rad. But I've never watched an actual event or anything like that. It seems too much like a sport for me. I'm not really into sports.

Is it true you're a big Jay-Z fan?

False. I am a big Tom Waits fan.

Have you seen Mystery Men?

Yeah man, he's rad in it. He's got a really sick bit in The Fisher King as well.

An unnamed source told me you used to rollerblade. Care to comment?

I'm glad to say I've never rollerbladed, snakeboarded, or scootered. I'm all about Heelys and yo-yos!

What's on your bucket list?

No plans really. Maybe one day move back into the countryside. Other than that, see what happens.

Tom_-_rock_fakie_rag An appropriate spot to yank out of rock fakie, no?

Do you ever get envious of Fos' patchwork pants?

Haha I've probably only witnessed them twice in the flesh. They're pretty impressive. I remember I tried to repair some jeans when I was a kid with a Ghetto Child patch after I saw LFA. I guess I was inspired rather than envious.

What recent videos that have come out get you stoked to skate?

I really liked that Dan Drehobl web part that came out a few months ago. That got me stoked. And that "Trocadéro Days" edit with Kevin Rodrigues skating jump ramps around Paris. I like the way he skates, and it looked like a fun session. I guess I'm pretty cynical for the most part though. If it’s got a Monster Energy logo plastered all over, it’s unlikely I’ll be into it. That Emerica Made video was really rad, but the skating in it is so gnarly that I can't really relate to it, so it’s not something I really put on to get stoked to go out skating. I get more stoked on watching someone skate a two-foot bank with a smile on their face than someone ticking off another switch flip down the latest 20 set.