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Welcome to the Map Masquerade, a skateboard tour, and a nation wide treasure hunt featuring: Jake Johnson, Jimmy Lannon, Yonnie Cruz, Austin Kanfoush, Max Van Arnem, Mark Suciu, Luke Malaney, Al Davis, Nick Panza, and Drew Windon. Translated to the public with the digitally interpreted styling’s of Ryan Garshell and photographic aesthetics of Eric Palozzollo.

Supported by: Alien Workshop, Habitat, Santa Cruz, Magenta, 5Boro, Traffic, Lakai, Gravis, Analog, Matix, Falcon Bowse, Poler Stuff, Bottoms up mfg, Oj Wheels, bones swiss, and Slap magazine.

10 skaters, 2 vehichles, 1 filmer, 1 photographer, 6 undisclosed cities, a plethora of free product, and a progressive mission to spread quality skateboarding to the people, from the ground up.

Our trip is a “grassroots” tour and geohunt across the country. Concieved with the intention to use social media sources and the internet to get skaters away from the computer, out of the house and exploring their environment in a unique and exciting way. We are also traveling in support of core skate shops, finding new ways to collaborate with passionate skaters, and the local communities that they exemplify and represent.

By following the site closely, or staying updated with our live media feed, through instagram, twitter, or facebook, participants will be able to track our tour and participate in the GeoCache contest.

The GeoCache contest will revolve around 6 large earthcaches, chalk full of skate product. We will be hiding them in landmark locations along the way, 1 in every state that we visit. These locations will not always be near a metropolitan area, and will require the use of a car to discover. Using diy aerial balloon mapping techniques (www.grassrootsmapping.org) we will provide participants with a photographic map for each cache location, showing the surrounding area, and pinpointing the spot where the cache is hidden. It will be your responsibility to decipher the map, discover the location, and journey to the prize site for your reward. Once discovered, you will have to contact the crew, and if we are still in the area, meet us at the designated skateshop to validate and blog the find. But there is a catch. We will be leaving a usb drive in every cache, that will contain the tour footage from the previous city. Only until the cache is found and the tour footage retrieved will we be able to premier the footage for the rest of the world to see. Whoever can discover the cache, contact the crew and premier the clip the fastest will win a grand prize: 1 round trip airfare to any location in the continental united states!

Check in with the tour on a daily basis for the opportunity to find even more prizes. Inspired by Ronnie Creager’s day in the life (411 issue #36), we will be dropping small caches of product at skate spots, skate parks, and random locations throughout the cities we visit. We will blog each drop with a series of photos through instagram and twitter, and with the help of the live tracking feed on our site you can narrow down each drop location, follow us as we skate in each town, or even find us in a neighborhood near you. Skateboarding movement. follow us and participate in the journey!