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Two good buddies, Ben and Bobby Hundreds started the Hundreds brand and magazine selling t-shirts out of the trunks of their cars while they were in law school in L.A.  Beyond the streetwear, cultural trends, and independent journalism that the Hundreds concentrates on, they have ties to skateboarding for a number of reasons, one of the main ones being that megablogger Bobby has spent a good part of his life documenting skaters, and the Hundreds count a bunch of skaters all over the world as their friends.  Their San Francisco store was created by experiential designer Spencer Collins and feels like a cross between the Temple of Doom from Indiana Jones and the inside of the Death Star if Darth Vader was more of a jerk than the good-guy-turned-bad-guy-who's-still-really-a-good-guy that you know he is.  Overall, it's set up like a spaceship with walls and pillars made of skulls, skateboards, spray cans, and sun glasses. If you go by the S.F. store, located at 585 Post Street, you'll find mellow dudes Micah Davis, John Truong, and Alex "Tons of Fun" Wolslagel willing to help you.  Micah is a skater from North Carolina, buds with the likes of Cairo Foster, Elias and Simon Bingham, Benny Gold, and many others around the City.  He used to work for Deluxe, but now manages the S.F. store, makes music under the name Micah Aza, and is a photographer.  You'll find Tons of Fun ripping the streets with the Magenta homies, like his friend from Florida, Jimmy Lannon.

If you like what the Hundreds is up to, and would like to experience the spaceship, YOU CAN RECEIVE A 10% DISCOUNT ON IN-STORE PURCHASES AT THE S.F. STORE BETWEEN DECEMBER 31ST AND CLOSING TIME JANUARY 4TH by using the password "Post" at the cash register.  The store is usually open from 11-7 Monday through Saturday, and from 12-6 on Sundays.  Be aware that the S.F. store will be CLOSED ON NEW YEAR'S DAY, that the gear often tends to carry a hefty price tag, and that you have to be smart about parking in the area, often using the pay-to-park garages close by.  The tradeoff is that the Hundreds goods are stylish and made by people passionate about their projects, who are having a lot of fun doing them.  Case in point: spaceship.









Words and photos by Cameron Cuchulainn