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Dime Turd Season DVDs Out Now!

Tuesday, 05 March 2013 02:59
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We've been hyping this one up for a minute. Do yourself a favor and go grab a copy.
Featuring: Antoine Asselin, Andrew McGraw, Charles Rivard, Eric Riedl, Hugo Balek, JS Lapierre, Scott Decenzo, Alexis Lacroix, Kevin Lowry, Joey Larock, Wade Desarmo, Lee Yankou, Josh Clark, Charles Deschamps, Marc Tison, PLG, Gab Ekoe, Mitch Barette, Phil Lajeunesse, Paul Liliani, Will Marshall, JP Grenier, Adam Green, Cephas Benson, Zander Mitchell, Grant Patterson, Kyle Mcdonald, Max Fine, Ryan Decenzo, Glencoe Hogle & More.
Directed by Phil Lavoie
Enter The Forum
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    Skate the Streets. ...