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Title: HELL LAY 2 Vancouver
Post by: ice nine on October 28, 2010, 11:54:21 AM
Flying down to la, then driving back.Yeeea only have 6 days to drive back and its 20 bucks to check my skate on the flight. Are there any must do's (or more importantly must skate(parks(tranny (plz))))? Going with girl so can't be all skate or drive stupid far out of the way to hit a park.

Thinking mainly those mega dreamstyle parks in oregono and sqawshittown, herp it up!!!!tx
Title: Re: HELL LAY 2 Vancouver
Post by: koots on October 28, 2010, 08:13:56 PM
Southern BC and NorthWest U.S.A are hella rainy right now and it's going to stay that way for the next week or so.  the only day that might be skateable outside is Saturday unfortunately.
Title: Re: HELL LAY 2 Vancouver
Post by: ice nine on October 28, 2010, 09:02:48 PM
not goin to till november 12th, but thanks for the response! i cant do anything but plan on the weather being good, especially as we are camping mostly
Title: Re: HELL LAY 2 Vancouver
Post by: on October 31, 2010, 02:04:19 PM
lincoln city I've heard is pretty nuts.....but oracs is the one I hear nothing but good things....i think it's kinda like a gulf island so the g/f might like it too.....all pac northwest is weather dependent though...
Title: Re: HELL LAY 2 Vancouver
Post by: professional on October 31, 2010, 03:02:49 PM
the plaza downtown vancouver actually sucks and is not nearly as good as it looks in footage
Title: Re: HELL LAY 2 Vancouver
Post by: Ronald Wilson Reagan on November 01, 2010, 08:48:45 PM
What route are you taking through CA?

mendocino county (off the 101): (
MUST HIT park for sure. The place is amazing and almost always empty. Plus, at the time of year you are going for, you can buy an ounce of weed there for like a dollar.
around the santa rosa area, both right off the 101, these parks are fucking classic: ( (
SF: (
but really, just skate all of SF. Don't worry about famous spots, go out to neighborhoods like the sunset and just cruise down the hills through residential areas. I swear, even if you know where the famous spots are, they aren't as fun as the house spots on the hills. If you aren't super hill skater man, its ok, because there are some very mellow downhill areas that you can just slowly make your way down with just enough speed to not have to push. If you need to go to a famous spot, this one has history and has become hot again lately and is right in the hills: (
its a good starting point.
You mentioned skateparks, so here are some more along the way to hit:
Oakland, right near the bay bridge: (
East bay has a bunch, none are sticking out to me. If somebody tries to take you to Dublin, punch him in the face for trying to fuck your trip up. Its bad, not even fun bad, just bad.
San Jose area has way too many for me to list, just google it yourself. The super big one requires full pads and money to skate it, so don't go there. Only losers wear pads. This is a fact.
Off the 101 nearby though is Sunnyvale: (
There is a montage of this park in Bag of Suck. I've heard some people complain about this park, but its never been a good complaint. Sunnyvale is the best park in California. Its fun for days. Sometimes it gets crowded, but whatever, that place is amazing.
Santa Cruz park is dope if you are going through there: (
Its got a full pipe, but the locals in Santa Cruz are kind of... unfriendly to tourists, to put it politely.
Title: Re: HELL LAY 2 Vancouver
Post by: ice nine on November 02, 2010, 12:05:14 AM
hell yes, thank you. this was the planned route but it was just a sketch cause shes done the drive and i havent(without family).

fuck cant get picture to work

anyways its up the coastal highway till california ends, then inland to the regular highway i guess(?) to hit up eugene portland etc.

orcas is awesome and the only park ive been to in the states, so wanna switch it up. but its an amazing place even if you dont skate, best parks/lakes/hikes ive done/seenss/swamd.

il compile this shit though for sure n prolly make a gay 1 min edit update in a month or so
Title: Re: HELL LAY 2 Vancouver
Post by: Ronald Wilson Reagan on November 02, 2010, 12:28:17 PM
Cool, most of those aren't too far away from the coast/highway one.
Also, I'm not kidding about weed in mendo or humboldt this time of year, if somebody offers to sell you weed, offer to buy it for half of the price they tell you.
San Jose is kind of far off, but you can easily take the 17 from Santa Cruz through San Jose, to the bay, which would lead you back to the coast.
Not much on the bay between sf and SC anyway either.