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Title: the ugly era
Post by: shark tits on October 31, 2013, 07:53:06 AM
my friend and i usedta get a lot of mileage outta this on vhs. it was dubbed on a tape w/ 'foundation cocktails' and 'girl goldfish'. i miss the mystery back then. who's the helmeted man they're all attacking w/ skateboards at the end? who sings 'what's the use of getting sober if you gotta get drunk again?' who's that girl pepe makes out w/? the internet explains everything nowadays which makes it less interesting. a lot of my musical tastes are shaped by skate videos but so many songs i only listened to on the video, had no idea their apocryphal creators. by watching this or 'skypager' nobody would predict how turd 'element' would be today. billy pepper back in the era when he beat up jake phelps. pepe [RIP] and 'lil stevie' williams when he really was a dirty ghetto kid. i loved the Pulaski Park scene from a distance. even in the early 90s all those DC guys did tricks over trash cans standing up. kind of the east coast picnic table. (