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Point #1- Shit on the NFL if you want, but they supported a gay athlete coming out before the skate industry did. Think about that  The JOCKS we always made fun of were more open-minded than us.

Point #2- Yes, we came a long way since then, where we appropriate gay culture (muscular shirtless men dancing to techno) at the most popular skate event.
Which I think is rad, BTW

Point 1: Is there an openly gay NFL player? OíCallaghan had retired by the time he came out and Micheal Sam never made it past training camp.

Point 2: I need to think of a response to this.

Point 1- retracted. You are right, I checked. I donít follow football, I just remember something about gay players coming out.

To be fair, although he has a model, has BA skated in any kind of pro capacity since he came out?

Addendum- point 2 was not written in with the utmost of seriousness. However, Happy Hour skateboards did a Tom of Finland collab, which probably would have been unthinkable 10 years ago

BA has done ads for Nike since he came out. No telling if it's new footy but there was that 18 Nike drop this past summer with a small part for both him and GT. He was also at a Go Skateboarding Day event this summer. I would say he's working just like most NYC pros.
PHOTOS/VIDEO / Re: post you skating
« Last post by I sniff Jim Gagne's butthole all the time on Today at 08:40:00 AM »
that's tight. I have a similarly set up spot in my hometown and I've always wanted to hit it that way (just frontside because I'm goofy) and it's so much harder than it looks. if you're not perfectly set up for the wallride all the while remaining stable on the grind (even 50-50) you just end up grinding into the wall and it's so frustrating.

Yea I smashed right into it quite a few times, I really wish I could find a ledge that runs into a wall at about a 45 degree angle, then it would be easier to do a wallride thatís actually decent.
that was always one of my dream tricks. few yrs back i did a crummy one [around 1:30] but yours looks better. i wanna build a ledge to wall somewhere to facilitate just this thing.
WHATEVER / Re: Things You Don't "Get" (Old Man Rant) Thread
« Last post by SHIREFLIP on Today at 08:35:19 AM »
A pharmacist once told me that you should mix black pepper with tumeric to help with absorption.
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: Auby Taylor of Black Label
« Last post by jakeumms on Today at 08:33:21 AM »
I know at one point last year his Phillips breakout deck was selling out pretty quickly. He's probably going to Madness.
Shoes & Gear / Re: HRS official launch
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WHATEVER / Re: Things You Are Stoked On But Not Stoked On
« Last post by LB on Today at 08:28:50 AM »
tried figging expecting a nice warm glow but was like shoving wasps up my arse
MUSIC / Re: Today I listened to...
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Ascions new ep (Techno)

USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: lame instagram posts by pros
« Last post by Disco234 on Today at 08:24:09 AM »

Surely he could of got both of these tricks better

Doesnít he have friends that he could reach out to in private or is he that suicidal that everyone has detached? Suicide watch would be a good bouncy ball company name

PHOTOS/VIDEO / Mark Appleyard nollieflip willy to primo
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Shoes & Gear / Re: New Balance # containment thread
« Last post by Beeker on Today at 08:22:36 AM »
I go with my regular shoe size for 345 and half size up for 598. I can skate 598 in my regular size, but it's a slightly painful break in.

RIP 598 :'(

Seriously though, it was one of their best looking and performing shoes they just fucked up on the sizing.

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