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PHOTOS/VIDEO / Re: Spencer Hamilton's "Elevate" Part
« Last post by Atiba Applebum on Today at 02:10:59 AM »
Canít believe people are hating on DARKNESS
PHOTOS/VIDEO / Re: Quasi: "Mother"
« Last post by stranded on Today at 02:04:15 AM »
Agreed that I hate the trend of not putting the skaters name before their parts.  Especially when at the end of the day the goal of a board company full length is to sell boards with their names on them.

They don't put their names on the pro boards, maybe some times on the top sheet. Same with FA/Hockey. I don't think it's that big of a deal.

I can pull up more examples, because Iíve actually skated Quasis. The last Gilbert board I had listed his name plus the name of the artwork, Bottom truck went over it, so it wasnít visible.

Gilbert, Bledsoe, Al, JJ shouldnít need to be introduced. Dick Rizzo and Josh Wilson have been getting coverage for the past couple years. Justin Henry is in the mags and had a shared, opening part in some Chicago video in the past year or so.
Skate Questions / Re: Do you skate worse when being filmed?
« Last post by AnthonyFromMacedonia on Today at 01:39:44 AM »
I havent been filmed while skating becose i dont really skate but when ride my bmx and someone films me yeah i ride worse. Same for videogames. I do something epic then get someone to see it and i cant do it. When they leave i always succeed
Skate Questions / Re: Board has problems rolling...
« Last post by AnthonyFromMacedonia on Today at 01:37:06 AM »
do you have it upside down?
could be the risers
Nope. Found it. It was the plastic wheels
40, once a week.  twice if i'm lucky

A skate session lasts about 1-3hrs.  Usually I hurt the next day so i just sit at my desk and recupreate.
plastic wheels are garbage but this is why people don't buy cheap skateboards unless its for a small child

here is a thread about wheels
Thanks. Oh and i think i fucking bought a junior board lol but the deck is not that small its 7.75 perfect for me.i think
Jump in the middle of the board with both your feet to see if its good quality wood
The board and grips are great. The trucks wheels and bearings are shit. but its all good i replaced all that for free
Do urethane wheels feel just like plastic? Becose... my board is set up 100% correctly and it doesnt roll well. Its a 20 dollar skateboard so im pretty sure the wheels are plastic. And if they are that solves the case. But idk what urethane wheels feel like so i may be incorrect? Are they as same as platic and do they sound like they will almost crack in half when you drop them from 2 feet?

If you drop the wheel, it should come back in your hand (or deflect somewhere else). Urethane wheels rebound while plastic ones hit the ground in a thud. If you paid 20 dollars for a new board, I would assume everything else on it is shit too. Cheap completes are generally a bad investment since you'll end up buying a new setup soon. Sounds like you already pissed away $20.
The board and grip are great and they fit me great. Trucks are really bad so i replaced them with my oldschool skate variflex truck, I think theyre good. For the wheels im gonna have to buy new ones
That's great news. The few times I watched the show painfully reminded me of what a sexist boys club skateboarding still is.
WHATEVER / Re: World Cup 2018
« Last post by OldieButFrenchie on Today at 01:25:29 AM »
.....and a few thoughts:

- so happy about this as France needed some positivity after those difficult last years and terrorist attacks.
- really glad the French squad showed so much team spirit, it wasn't about 1 or 2 star players. And we also needed to bounce back after the negativity and fiasco of 2010 in South Africa.
- fuck all the racists worldwide....France has been a diverse country for decades and I thought people had understood that since 98...But apparently and unfortunately not. I've seen some outrageous shit in the foreign press. It's to the point my wife discouraged me of wearing a French Jersey when we go to Italy in 2 weeks.
- finally on a personnal note, it was simply epic to watch that final with my 2 sons, 20 years after celebrating that first win in Paris as a young man. It's beyond words, as corny as that sounds.

oh and for those who want to understand France and French football better, this is a good vid:

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