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WHATEVER / Re: World Cup 2018
« Last post by OldieButFrenchie on Today at 01:14:29 AM »
ok so I'm back in France and I've finally got a real Internet connection again so allow me to celebrate a bit belatedly!!     ;D

36. One night a week after work and a full weekend day every three weeks or so. A wife, a three year old and a full time job fill a lot of time.
PHOTOS/VIDEO / Re: Quasi: "Mother"
« Last post by Pango on Today at 01:02:53 AM »
So the real question is who has the hottest mother???
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: how high can you ollie?to
« Last post by stranded on Today at 01:01:13 AM »
How high is the Court House? That's my max height to Ollie up.

What’s the height of the a deck stood vertically

Shoes & Gear / Re: New Balance # containment thread
« Last post by birdplops on Today at 12:25:22 AM »
On the website it says this about the AM shoes:
Court Classics
"Slip into our men’s retro-style court shoes and hit up your favorite neighborhood spot for a night out. In our vintage men’s tennis and basketball shoes, you can show off your old-school style with fresh kicks."

Court classics has a mix of these new (some reviews from February?) AM models and also shoes that are definitely no good for skating- the 300 vintage wouldn't last more than a few kickflips.

All of the AM variety, bar the 659, have the schtick about being a "performance skate shoe" and it's interesting to see the 101 slip-on is included.

Flatspot have a black colourway of the 574 as part of an "All Coasts" release of shoes, but searching shows that All Coasts nb shoes are super cheap at Schuh.

I don't really know what they are to the de facto skate collection, but if it opens up the chance for some more interesting colourways, then I suppose it can't hurt...?
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: how high can you ollie?to
« Last post by offkilter on Today at 12:15:44 AM »
About tree fiddy
WHATEVER / Re: random fun facts
« Last post by ChuckRamone on Today at 12:10:12 AM »
& is a stylized “et” (“and” in latin)
PHOTOS/VIDEO / Re: Spencer Hamilton's "Elevate" Part
« Last post by on Today at 12:06:04 AM »
This dude has the most unimaginative spot selection

Or.....he lives in Vancouver.....
Goddamn that got me fucking stoked, gonna be on repeat for a minute
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: WTF happened to the KOTR make out challenges?
« Last post by Thrillho on July 21, 2018, 11:53:28 PM »
It was good when the requirement was for them to be 40+ or in a neckbrace. When it became essentially a youtube social experiment, they lost me.
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