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USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: baker and emerica out end of 2019
« Last post by DCLOVE on Today at 05:58:17 PM »
Iíve seen more baker and deathwish boards In SoCal than really anything so ima say nah.
I'd like to think I'm hip, I have seen Dave Matthews Band in concert 7 times, but this just seems a little too much.

Maybe we could compromise? Are there other tricks we're not thinking of that would work as a more elegant name?

The words hip and Dave Matthews band are incongruent . Tell the wife to abort and leave your ass
Uh...guys...could you not?
I believe Vice already fired me years ago.
And I can't really afford to lose my landscaping job.
Do you now how high the grass is in New Jersey???
(rim shot)

Fuck Nazis.
The old guard ruined Charlie Chaplin's amazing mustache forever
& the new kids on the block are trying to ruin my preferred hairstyle.
I can think of 6 million other reasons to say fuck those dudes.

Hitler sucked. His followers suck. These Nu-Nazis suck. We can all agree.
But I still think Hitler is a hilarious cartoon character.
When he gets all worked up and his hair goes all crazy...I piss myself.
Such a baffoon.
I come from a school where we make fun of and laugh at everything (beginning with the man in the mirror.).

The article you're citing is about one of the greatest creative minds I've personally come across.
Jim Riswold hates Nazis too.
But he also likes to get a rise out of people.
He actually has a photo on his site of a toy SS soldier on a skateboard.
That shit would really make some of you cry.
The only thing you should dislike about Jim is that he helped Nike become Nike with his Revolution, Bo Knows and Gotta Be The Shoes campaigns. I try not to judge people anymore so I look past his past mistakes.

If I've said/done/written something that offends anyone...
I'm wholeheartedly sorry that you don't get to laugh as much as I do.
Life is a joke. Laugh and enjoy it. You'll wake up dead before you know it.

If you're going to try and destroy my life could you at least spell my name right?
I before E except after C.

Ps. Big fan from way back. Especially GAY. (call me)
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: baker and emerica out end of 2019
« Last post by AitchBeeGayBuh on Today at 05:53:24 PM »
hope Burger King is hiring...
Feeble aka Feebie aka Phoebe
Disaster or Di/Dee for short
Andrecht aka Andy
Natas Spin or Natas for short  8)
Christ Air or Christ for short
Casper would be pretty nice
Alley oop aka Al or Allie
Last/2nd middle name could be smith or Bennett with the first two initials being FS or BS
Falcon Slide
nope nopes, i don't care about any west coast skaters except sweet lou barletta.
i don't like any ramp skaters. i did like consolidated once upon a time but more for karma, the paez brothers and alan peterson [10/10 did skate to a good song].
i keep making posts about people's outrage, don't strawman that i care about some lame ass skater i don't.
it's about the silliness and anger in attacking someone and i just want to bring up more targets for ya'll to bravely take down from the anonymity of slap.

boycott walmart, mcdonalds, the shoe companies or something big. taking on indy because they patterned their symbol from something w/ mild racist connotations? and ace for pointing that out?
there's real fights out there but ya'll ain't w/ the shits.


I think SeanPenn is great name for a boy... or a girl.
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: baker and emerica out end of 2019
« Last post by feedmeseymour on Today at 05:45:41 PM »
Well Iím convinced
Shark Tits is a low-key racist, white-trash junky, but y'all love to gnar him.

SLAP is full of fucking kooks tbh.

I think itís just that thereís a little clique heís in where they constantly gnar each other so youíd get that impression but itís not true. Look also at the choad poster Mongoloidís rep. He rarely posts anything funny or interesting but he and butthole sniffer and a few others are constantly jerking each other off.

As opposed to the circle jerk that happens when you other pals get each other hot and bothered over the latest hot sociopolitical topic of the week? You guy's just cant handle objective points of view, and feel the need to impose your will on anyone else who doesn't fit your standard. The funny thing is it's as hypocritical as the brand of righteousness you tend to preach.

right back at you. any hint of blowback and your fragile egos just cry out at those evil socialists and sjws. you want to be able to say whatever you want but not hear the retorts. did jason jessee get arrested? assaulted? or even harassed? are swastikas illegal now? no. people talked about him online and a couple of his sponsors made a business decision. but you guys are taking it personally because you relate to him in a way.

But look at how your accusatory your framing of me is personally. Only opinion I gave on the subject was a denouncement of racism ( "racism is a terrible thing" ), but because I didn't reach your approved level of outrage, and because I see fallacies in your approach I am somehow part of the problem. As if your statements, and judgements are immune from the same criticisms of those you preach against.

youíre projecting. I never said that. I donít care about other peopleís reactions to this. Iíve only posted my own thoughts on it. I know people all have their own opinions and Iím fine with that.

You don't seem particularly fine with it in this thread.

I probably shouldn't have used you as an example, as you personally haven't addressed me prior to this thread. I was speaking more broadly on what I had seen in a quick browsing of that thread. I saw a lot of cutting down of those who didn't share in the same level of enthusiasm.
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: baker and emerica out end of 2019
« Last post by reptar_bar on Today at 05:43:27 PM »
9 post member coming thru with facts
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