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I do a drop of superglue on the nut and then tighten it down till it's just touching the nylock. works just fine.
PHOTOS/VIDEO / Re: DIME Glory Challenge
« Last post by shripshrapper on Today at 03:44:13 PM »
For next year: Open loop gap competition, start at 3 feet.
Most gay is urge and fetish like I like, only downside to full mentally gays is u can't reproduce. Faggot means annoying and I do t use gay for lame cause its not fashionable no more. I doubt any u guys except the gay ones actually feel bad about talkin like that in the 90s, doubt it, u just showin out it, was straight up cultural norm.
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: pants in skateboarding
« Last post by Lasernaut on Today at 03:35:56 PM »
the small wheels era (early 90s) was all about those giant jeans cut off at the bottom and left unhemmed so you’d get loose threads at the bottom.

This seems like the right place to ask.

Why are people cutting the bottoms off their jeans again? Is this to reduce restriction? To encourage ankle trauma? I do not understand.

All of my jeans are second hand, and sometimes they come too long in the legs, so I just cut the bottoms off. I noticed it enhances ventilation which is quite nice. It is also a quick procedure.

But wait wasn't it he who had sex with sheckler's mom?

Go on..

No it was this guy, Cain Gayle

The fact that he did, doesn't mean that Ellis didn't though...

Did he date her or something or just smashed and bailed?  I wanna know everything.
WHATEVER / Re: Things You Are Not Stoked On
« Last post by childhood on Today at 03:31:05 PM »
You still think they saw aliens there?

Really the story about the perv-janitor is pretty nuts already. I especially love the parts about him getting super nervous after his laptop got discovered.
See this is the thing that gets me about all this 90s nostalgia bullshit that's ongoing. The 90s fucking sucked and skateboarders were in general homophobic pieces of shit who for the most part acted like low-brow jocks with a Napoleon complex. At least where I was from, you were a fucking kook for thinking homosexuality was okay. I remain to this day one happy kook cause I'll never get the hate and think on a personal level that if you don't like homosexuality it probably means that you're in the closet. Or it just means you are a piece of shit.

what an idiotic, over-generalization. For most skateboarders in the 90s there was a sad division between social belonging or being true to yourself, and that meant being ostracized and picked on at worst, or being ignored at best. Skateboarding's never been perfect, but its sympathies in the 90's were distinctly aligned with the outsider, the weirdo, and the fag- If you never got called a skater-fag in the nineties, you were probably never there. In the nineties I said the word "gay" a lot, everything was gaygaygay, and I still hung out with lots of gay people and went out to gay bars too because they had better music and less people who wanted to beat me up, and girls there tended to be more open minded.
What did you do in the nineties? were you telling skaters they were homophobic pieces of shit like you are now, or did you keep most your thoughts up in your head like we all do?

I was calling people out on their homophobia then, just like I do now. I've been knocked out over it a few times too. Cause I'm stupid, and put myself into stupid situations because I'm not afraid and I fight for what I believe in.

So you can call me an idiot, I really don't care. I'm not the one who was admittedly dove tailing queer culture in the 90s while simultaneously verbally abusing that same culture by using an idiotic, over-generalization.

I don't think you're an idiot, I think you're angry and equating that with being right and/or progressive, which maybe you are, but where I take issue with you, is your description in such violent terms of skateboarding as a scene.
Society is homophobic then as now, don't think it's not just because you can watch project runway. But in the 90s when gay culture was more clearly separate from mainstream culture, there was a certain amount of natural overlap with skateboarding, mostly through club culture, just like there was with punk, or hip-hop. Of course there are exceptions to every rule and I'm not trying to suggest that skateboarding was actively pro-gay (skateboarding isn't very sexual in general imo), I'm just saying that given the social landscape in the 90s, the level of integration between homosexuality and skateboarding was no worse than most and in some ways it was better.
Take the long-running Big Brother rumour that Ed Templeton was gay: yes, it held a degree of homophobia, but at the same time it was progressive. There's no way sports illustrated would have openly suggested that a famous football player was gay, because it was such a terrible secret to be gay right? But in Ed's case he didn't even deny it, he even sort of encouraged it, and it helped normalize homosexuality in skateboarding to have it discussed out in the open, even as a sort-of joke, at least it did for me.
Today people criticize 917 for some of the fire island references or "dovetailing" gay culture as you put it, but take a look at the bigger picture: here's one of the more popular skateboard brands proclaiming that gay culture is cool by association. In mainstream culture today, you have very few individuals or companies explicitly making that association, most brands (including non-skate brands) are still marketed in very segregated ways. Even something as crude as the butthole AH board (a reference to Andy Roy's jail sex I believe) is still a coded allusion to Andy engaging in gay sex. Find me another example of someone marketing sports equipment to a non-specifically gay market, using an athlete's homosexuality as a selling point.
Again, my point is not that skateboarding is perfect, far far from it: but considered relative to wider popular culture, I think it has historically fostered a certain awareness of difference that over time becomes acceptance and even appreciation.
USELESS WOODEN TOY BANTER / Re: Skateboarders on the moon.
« Last post by TedsWild on Today at 03:27:15 PM »
That's so sick. I would love to skate on the moon someday.

You don't have to pick just one. You can fuck dudes but be mostly down to fuck chicks and not have to identify as gay or bi or straight or anything you don't want to identify as.

It is strange though that this is all in an interview with Colin McKay. I didn't listen to it, but awhile back I did a phone interview with Colin McKay and he made a remark about gay people that really bummed me out. But this was probably 10 years ago so I hope he has a more open mind now.

Oh I know - I didn't meant it to sound like there was anything weird about whichever way he orients sexually (I'm a little concerned with the way my English is looking right now - sorry if it turns to gibberish!), My point was more that he seemed to sort of tried to figure out or justify himself as he spoke... Or was I the only one who heard it like that? Maybe he is just very energetic or something, and I heard that as insecurity.

Bummer about Colin! I used to root for him, since I always found him pretty down to earth  :-\

All good, sorry if I misunderstood. I also didn't listen to the interview, maybe that would have given me some context.
Sand down the top bushing or get trucks that turn better like Aces.
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