Author Topic: boards, trucks, and wheels that have taken a shit on you.....  (Read 286 times)

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okay I am sure someone who has had faulty equipment has had one or multiple moments of the following,
Broken hangars: I've broken a set of Venture featherlights and broken a Indy hollow axle
Broken Kingpin: countless moments on Ventures and Thunders
Jacked pivot cup: Thunders mainly
Wheels flatspotted within a few days or just broke the fuck off Hubba wheels kickdown to me a set of Rictas and Oj's flatspotted down a few hills in Colorado
Boards that just plain sucked and broke for little to no reason: Creature, Antihero, World Industries, Hockey, Quasi, FA too many to list however what was your experience and what'd you do to rectify this situation apart from buying a new product what was your initial thought?
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