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richmond va
« on: June 25, 2018, 05:34:17 AM »
some spots:

texas beach diy
pump house diy (tiny and literally on top of the river but looks like more shit is being done)
28th street park
southside community center (skatelite ramps)
ditch diy spot (southside, by taboo, pretty sick)
dirty curb (parking garage, roll on long ass curb, 6th and cary)
suntrust (marble benches)
bryant park crusty cobble bank
lost bowl (gotta know someone)
laurel skatepark (weird bmx bowl, legit vert half pipe and wavey jersey barrier qp thing)
vmfa (will get booted but fun for a lap or two)
albert hill middle school (fun bank, stairs)

haven't been to brick spot or hippoland. I know theres some waxed spots and a pole jam or two around VCU. heard white banks are long dead. is there a jersey barrier/diy spot around broad street under a bridge? saw something on instagram.

shops, crews, etc -
solace of mind
good time co
delores wheel co
rasa project
bust crew

who has got more??
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