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Chapter 10
« on: June 29, 2018, 04:30:26 PM »
Chapter 10

   A few years back my homie flipped his truck on the way back from work
From Rancho Cucamonga to San Diego

  He feel asleep and drove into a ditch and woke up already flipping
And banging around flip mode style nothing happened but some bumps and bruises
But it was in the middle of no where and the tow truck took about a hour to come

  And when he came back he was like he should of died
His truck was totaled but he was alive
  He and he posted a picture of it on Facebook and I hit him up like fuck homie like wtf
  And he was like he about to get the rent a car his Insurance scheduled for him
And then he Cruises through and picked  me up and was like dude wtf
 And he was tripping a little
 And he was like he needs a drink we go get some drinks about few hours later his tripping died down and became like let's celebrate life
 Let's go to a strip club
 We end of going to a random one but it's not open yet and he's like fuck it T.j dog let's go to T.j doggy
   We cross the boarder and we end up just spot surfing every taco shop and stand that comes before you hit revolution the main street of T.j
 Where all the strip clubs slash places where you can fuck the bitches
 And we end up getting dumb drunk and end even spot surfing the strip clubs like stop in naw this spots wack go to another and we end up at a chill spot
  The chicks are pretty banging nice titles nice asses we go in chill out get a bucket of beer and chill
And he's just tells me to pick a bitch I'm like what ?
  And then he's just whistles to like a waiter and then the tells the waiter line them up
 The waiter brings us to the back
  And then he brings his hands up and mad bitches come up in a line like maybe 12 bitchs im not playing
 And they are banging my homie again tells me pick one
I'm like I don't got that much money
 My homies like don't trip he's getting one to he's paying if I want one just pick one ....
     I'm like 💑 what
 Look at all the chicks
From beginning to end and pick one
 She then takes my hand brings me down stairs
To a to a room and and she's closes the door and is like what do u want me to do
 And she takes off her dress that's more like a half dress showing her ass and she's not wearing any panties or bra and she's pretty much smells let high end perfume and just like sits me down and just starts sucking my cock hard
 We fuck and I come back up stairs and I wait for my homie to come back
 Up to and me and my homie drink In till like 6 am and cross back
 The next night my homie hits me up again and he's like let's go back
And we go back to Mexico
 And repeat the process but different chicks
  And we cross  back  and not the next night but two days latter he hits me and we end up two more times going to T.j  we go back and he's still paying for it all
 He ends up spending
 In like a week like 5 ground on drinking and T.j strippers you can fuck on both of us
 And food
 It's crazy but he gets his Insurance check and still had money to get a new car

  It was wild as fuck





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Re: Chapter 10
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Needs more thug life naked.


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Re: Chapter 10
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Damn, that's not how car insurance works where in from.