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Re: King of the Road S3
« Reply #600 on: September 15, 2018, 02:54:00 AM »
just watched the web episode and fucking hell that cover is bad compared to a lot of other kotr covers. cringeworthy.


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Re: King of the Road S3
« Reply #601 on: September 15, 2018, 07:57:47 AM »
that final episode was such a let down
the webisode was even worse!
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Re: King of the Road S3
« Reply #602 on: September 15, 2018, 03:35:21 PM »
There's like a 0% chance that he doesn't have an Adderall prescription that he snorts, right?

Nah, he's always been like that even before he was sponsored. If anything he needs a ritalin or vyvanse prescription but he doesn't fuck with that shit. When he was coming up, filmers and photographers put up with his shit, always picked him up, paid for his food, etc 'cause he was that fuckin good.

He could've been pro for Baker, had a shoe on globe and making a good living but he is who he is and and I love him for it. He belongs on foundation with his best friends and Sinclair. He also got tons of exposure from the vice show so people are gonna be recognising him on the sreets/while he drives Uber/works at a grocery store a whole lot more.

That's good he's sober, really.

Do you know any details about why he didn't get on Baker? The rumor that got spread was that Braydon was jealous of him, so he blackballed him. I'm sure Nick was especially wild back then too though.

He's wayyy more mellow now. Back then his ADHD was crazy and he was more energetic and manic which made him impossible to deal even though his skating was too good to ignore.

Why he didn't get on Baker: they were on a trip to Australia and he annoyed/rubbed some of the dudes the wrong way (that trip was gonna determine if they were gonna put him fully on) the final deal breaker was:

They were at a bar and Leo was sitting with Heath and at some point during the night he goes up to Leo being super stoked and nice and Leo just slapped him in the face and then I think I think he wandered off for a bit (being super bummed and mad about the incident) went back up to Leo and legit smacked him the face.

I'm still coming down from mescaline so I'm remembering like 6 different versions of of what happened that night in the bar.

What I know for sure was that he came up to Leo  being super hyped on him and Leo slapped him in the face and and Nick slapped him harder. Really shittyt spot to be in (do I let my favorite pro just slap me and disrespect me like that for a better chance of getting on?) but Nick couldn't let that slide so Leo got all offended and some drama happened and that was it for him (don't remember if Leo or someone else actually told him on the spot that he was never getting.

Do you know if that Baker stuff had anything to with the rumor that all of his crazy footage at the time got leaked in that Tactical video without his knowledge? I remember rumors that there were at least a few clips Beagle filmed and gave up without Nicks knowledge or permission? I just remember how heavy that part was and hearing that Nick wasnít pleased about all of the footage heíd been stacking going to that video, I could be wrong, just stuff I remember hearing at the time.

And his WTF part was and still is really, really fucked up, that was easily one of the craziest video parts of that year

Edit: found the tactical 2 footage. Sw Heel Wilshire @0:31, video part starts @1:55. I had forgotten how gnarly and amazing this part is, I hadnít seen it in a long time, he truly was/is one of the best out. Who knows what could have happened at the time had this footage been released under different circumstances in a more mainstream video, dude was definitely making waves in the industry

<iframe src="" width="640" height="432" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I 100% forgot about that part, probably 100% because it was not in a more mainstream video. Fuck man, Merlino deserves better. That little fucker gets gnarly. Switch back 3's don't make sense.

I remember when this first came out, such a heavy part. Him and that Donovan song were such a perfect match. Its a better fit than when Stevie Perez used it.

Crazy stuff. I had never heard this story, seen this part or even really knew he was flow from Baker.
When I read the talk of switch bs 360 I instantly thought yeah right. No way he could do that but in the Tactical part he does it down the red 14 stair. Nollie flip crooks Wilshire 10 rail is perfect too!
To think, if he hadn't of fucked things up with Baker he could be in a similar position to Figgy or someone similar, chilling with a shoe on Emerica. Instead he's on Foundation barely getting paid and probably doesn't have a shoe sponsor.

I've written off Foundation for a good while but they killed it on KOTR and were by far the most likable team. Will be paying much attention in the future


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Re: King of the Road S3
« Reply #603 on: September 15, 2018, 07:41:55 PM »
Of course he couldn't be on baker. His hammers are way heavier than one of their most notable riders who skates very similarly. They were probably salty.

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Re: King of the Road S3
« Reply #604 on: September 16, 2018, 04:48:11 PM »
When all the Merlino baker shit went down didnít skateboard mag publish an ďIím sorry/  give me one more chanceĒ article?  Think it was like a one page thing, that was Swahili ago though. Iím sure nicks annoying, especially then, but isnít that what makes a fun crew, different types of people.


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Re: King of the Road S3
« Reply #605 on: September 16, 2018, 06:12:21 PM »
So did Merlino beat up Jon Dickson? I love him even more if true

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Re: King of the Road S3
« Reply #606 on: September 17, 2018, 03:04:42 AM »
nick choked out marquise preston on a foundation trip one time. thrasher interview said it got heated and the last words were, "Are we doing this?" before apparantly nick dropped him. unrelated note, i think andrew langi stole his laptop one time haha. back before he lost all his sponsors and there was some back and forth between them over it.

found it 2:06
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