Author Topic: Pros and what trick/clip they remind you of  (Read 164 times)

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Pros and what trick/clip they remind you of
« on: August 17, 2018, 04:52:07 PM »
Not general obvious ones like Neen and his heelflap, but more specific tricks that come to mind when you think of a pros name. Maybe they only did the trick in a video part one time, but its the trick/clip that first comes to mind.

Madars- that willie nollie inward he did on that wooden shootout ledge
Delatorre- Nollie bs 180s over red bump to bar
Chico- bigflips at EMB
Gonz- Wallride on the mtn bike
Ronson - Fs shuv bs 180 bump to sidewalk gap
Kevin Rodrigues- head punching
Busenitz- hippy at Fort Miley
Kadow- Gap to lipslide board break
Kader- pressure shove that one set
Blondey- impossibles landing with the feet close together on the nose
Windsor- noseslide that fucked up long rail in his welcome to zero part


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Re: Pros and what trick/clip they remind you of
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2018, 05:38:09 PM »
Reynolds- frontside flip
Gonz - kickflips (emb)
Wenning- back nosegrind popout
Ed - impossible tailgrab
Kalis - trey flips
Muska- muska flips
Penny - sw frontside flips


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Re: Pros and what trick/clip they remind you of
« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2018, 05:41:57 PM »
EE- big spin
Tony Hawk-900


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Re: Pros and what trick/clip they remind you of
« Reply #3 on: August 17, 2018, 05:45:33 PM »
Keenan - the sw flip, and the sw nosegrind shove on that bench
Shin Okoda - nollie backside flip from that line with the nollie hardflip (equally sick)
Gonz - 50-50 rail to slappy nosegrind pop out on a higher rail
PJ - 360 nollie kickflip, frontside 360 heelflip, Pulp. frontside flips on the road
Carlos Young - nollie bigspin nosebluntslide Pier 7
Robbie Holmes - fakie flip Pier 7
Penny - the kickflip backside tailslide, you know the one. that clip in Sorry at that Bordeaux triple set, shifty kickflips, indoor park switch frontside flips. that front nose fakie down the hubba
Alex Moul - shifty kickflips, those weird ass sw big heel / late flip hybrids. definitely not the willy grinds
Christian Maalouf - every kickflip
Mike Carroll - kickflips, back smith (every back smith I see my brain compares it to Mike Carroll's), sw frontside flip, Japan
Puleo - spot stare-downs, FTC part ender, fakie ollies
Quim Cardona - switch ollies, kickflips, switch flips, wallride nollie out. that wallie frontside grab off the pillar
Paulo Diaz - nollies, frontside nollies, nollie tailslides, impossibles, ollie airwalks, step hop fakie big spins
Kalis - 360 flip
Javier Sarmiento - sw 360 flip
Jimmy Lannon - nosewheelies, switch frontside flips
Taylor Nawrocki - nosegrind revs, sw nosebonk, sw flip off sculpture in Push Partial World Tour 1
Jeremy Wray - Santa Monica frontside 360 ollie
Danny Gonzales - kickflip melon Wallenberg
Matt Hensley - step hops on the way to the store
Ray Barbee - step hops on the way to church
Ed Templeton - nosebluntslides, 50-50 rail frontside big spin out, frontside lipslide to board snap
Kenny Reed - nollies, switch ollies, b/s 5-0's with the heel drag, long ass hubbas
Daewon - 360 flips in all stances
Wenning - sw backside nosegrind pop out
Frankie Hill - gigantic gap then whistles. 'big fat ollie one-foots' and '360 kickflip double flips'
Pat Brennen - special effects
Adam McNatt - Dr. Know
Jamie Thomas - Brooklyn banks line
Nate Jones - varial flips
Alex Carolino - nollie / sw varial flips
Tom Knox - St Paul's
Chris Jones - Neil Young
Pontus Alv - no-comply, wallride nollie out, Joy Division
Julien Stranger - tailbash
Ethan Fowler - blah blah blah
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