Author Topic: Does anyone have a video of Kerry Getz/Bam skating in the background of a porno?  (Read 951 times)

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I was reading Getz Jenkem interview and they start talking about that infamous photo of Getz Front Boarding next to Gina Lynn going at it doggystyle.

Getz mentions that there's a video of it but he's never seen it. Has anyone ever did a deep web dive and found the video?


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I think this was in Skate TriXXX.

Also, there was also A Skate TriXXX 2: Tail Slides, but this was a bit advanced for me.

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Well it ain't Skate Trixxx 1 but now I've seen Pancho Moeler nut in some girl's ear so there's that.


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It's called Skateboard Sliders. Great stuff!


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It's called Skateboard Sliders. Great stuff!

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I remember there was a video with I think Grecco and someone else with a chick getting it on a mini ramp

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I also remember a Crail Couch or another interview with Mike Mo or Vince Capaldi talking about how Vince was in the background of a porn filmed in Skatelab.
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This looks like something my drunk future self would leave for the teenage me to find in the woods. I think it's probably The Haunted tee shirt that sells it.


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Why would you want to watch that?