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Re: Munchies
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chk chk chk

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Re: Munchies
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steak, mashpotatoes, broccoli with lemon


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Re: Munchies
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the snake's rattle- bagel with cream cheese, then throw some tobasco on it then a fried egg on  top. so named because of my friend snake


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Re: Munchies
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PBnJ and Chocolate milk

or waffles


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Re: Munchies
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Ingredients and prep:
A pack of canned biscuits (like Hungry Jack). Butter flavors are the best, get any brand.
Two medium or large sized brown paper bags... doublebagged.
A bunch of powdered sugar.
A deep fryer on the hot-as-fuck setting.

Open up the biscuits, rip each one of them in half, and gently lay a few of them in. Try to make sure they don't stick to each other in the fryer. Check and flip regularly until they're golden or dark brown. It won't take long at all.

Pour a shitload of powdered sugar into your doublebagged paper sacks.

Pick up your biscuits from the deep fryer, let them drip off some oil for a bit (but don't let them get cold), then dump them into the sugar-filled paper bags. Shake the bags around for a few seconds.

Pick 'em out by hand and drop them in a paper napkin lined serving bowl, a deep plate, or anything that will help them stay warm.

Ghetto Beignets.