Does he

39 (32%)
7 (5.7%)
don't care
46 (37.7%)
should fuck off
20 (16.4%)
kill kill kill
10 (8.2%)

Total Members Voted: 97

Author Topic: FUCKINGVEGAN Poll  (Read 5375 times)

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« Reply #60 on: August 11, 2006, 01:56:54 PM »
trigger happy at times
too opionated, nobody's mind is getting changed by some avatar on a messageboard, so please stop trying in all regards
should stop asking the 'who loves me' shit, seriously this is fucking stupid, and not the first time

probably a good guy, and an overall positive contributor

What is wrong with my Avatar? It is a rad picture.

Nothing, it is a rad picture, i just mean all you are is text and a picture on here, like everyone else. yet you keep finding yourself so deep in debates about shit that is too opinionated to be discussed here. you stoop to other peoples levels too easy and seem to lack the discretion to just turn the other cheek on matters that are far too personal. no one is gonna change your mind, and you aren't gonna change anyone elses. its a skateboarding message board, don't forget that.

I know I have tried to chill out some and hope that I am doing a better job of it.

pinche gringo

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« Reply #61 on: August 12, 2006, 01:48:43 AM »
mate i dont normally get angry over this stuff, but fuck off with your hippy veganism bullshit

vegans aren't hippies. we are really angry.