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Re: mike vallely appreciation thread
« Reply #60 on: October 12, 2010, 08:13:22 AM »
Ray Barbee has "held up"? Explain.

All I ever see any more is pictures of him holding some stupid guitar. LAME.

I've seen more recent photos of barbie diong better things than i've seen of mike. when's the last time mike did a trick that wasn't nostalgic? and i'm not completely hating on that, but kids who doesn't know ray or lances history could still enjoy their skating while mikes would need a history lesson before it could be appreciated.

Sure buddy!  I'll make sure to remember that next time I see a new vid with someone doing a foot-plant variation, air-walk, bennihanna, boneless, Madonna or a show-stopper or some kind of sliding-varial-something-or-the-other...

You don't need a history lesson stupid,  you need to get your head out of the sand!

And where exactly are you seeing these recent Ray Barbee photos? Mags? Which ones?
He had the cover of the Skateboard Mag a few months ago, not to mention he'll be having some footage in the new Krooked video.

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Re: mike vallely appreciation thread
« Reply #61 on: October 18, 2010, 11:04:02 PM »
I think barbee 'holding up' better than mike v relates to how similar ray is now to what he was then, he still stokes you out the same way, he really hasn't changed much.  Mike V in so many ways is just so different than what he was when he first came into skateboarding, sometime I think the negatives overshadow the positives....that being said...mike v had a huge influence on me too.  He was probably one of the few skaters that I really wanted to first seeing a raw am doing ho-ho's....then the army pants....flannel...shaved head...morrisey.....180 mutes....that speed freaks part is an all time favourite.  I wasn't a huge fan of him during his second round of riding for powell but I respect how he hung in there and showed you didn't have to do crooked grinds to be a pro......skateboarding was pretty programmed at that time and i think dudes like him sort of helped sort of open things up.

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Re: mike vallely appreciation thread
« Reply #62 on: October 19, 2010, 05:52:04 PM »

Yeah...I agree. I am not one to put caps on what or what not to do in skating but there is some stuff that is odd just for what it is.

Like this hollorado video.....all his shit is dope cause I have never seen it done but at the same time, it is a little silly looking.

I hate to say this but that ender is one of the fuckedest things I've seen in skateboarding.

Skate videos have been downhill ever since 411VM #20


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Re: mike vallely appreciation thread
« Reply #63 on: December 05, 2010, 01:22:24 AM »
Upon his again return to Powell.. I am puzzled by this guy yet again. I've been a fan of his skating since way back (his thrasher cover  in 86 was the first mag i ever owned). His skating slayed back then. Public Domain, Speed Freaks, Rubbish Heap, 1281, Suburban Diners, the vallely powell promo, etc etc. Although I admit i had hoped for more in Label Kills (was he injured during that one or something? I forget). Anyway... to my point...
... at what point did he fall off the mental wagon? I mean.. I'm a huge Black Flag/Rollins fan as well and I don't try to be him. Vallely's unhealthy obsession with Rollins freaks me out quite a bit. Poetry/ "Spoken word" tours/videos ...seriously? (Was he "Mike V" yet or still Vallely?). Naming his skate company after himself a la rollins band... no!

Was it when he became "Mike V"... which I believe was when he beat up 4 random "ocks" and made the Bam-fan-generation think he was so tough? Was it his "greatest hits"...(where, let's be real... he sort-of-fought a security guard, then ran away for muska, sort-of fought a security guard..i mean really Carroll did, got beat up by a real hockey player etc etc..i  wouldn't have put this dvd out if these were my "best" fights... haha)....... was it Mike V & the Rats (now i see him and i piss myself... laughing), his black label society jacketesque Revolution Mother? his Trans Am?

anyways, nostalgia-wise I am happy to see him back on Powell, although I'm sure we all know the man just needs to feed his family. I still kind of wish Transit would have gotten a bit further than it did out of curiousity but thats some old news. I still like to watch him skate honestly but.... his personality (that we see at least) is weirding me out more than ever.

oh but p.s. i did enjoy him punching that guy at the Ducks game, i think he deserved that shit


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Re: mike vallely appreciation thread
« Reply #64 on: December 12, 2010, 02:07:31 PM »
never gettin my appreciation, this guys beat


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Re: mike vallely appreciation thread
« Reply #65 on: December 23, 2010, 05:32:07 PM »

Vallely is awesome and deserves more respect than he gets but not as much as he demands.

took the words out of my mouth. I love giving props to the "council elders" for what they've done for skateboarding, but it seems like hes doing the "hey guys, im still here....LOOK AT ME GODDAMNIT!!!!" thing. I loved label kills, and ive watched the old powell videos and new deal, shits good. But what i dont like is everytime he jumps companies its "[brand name here] really stands behind what i believe in, and what im trying to do." Til you get kicked off/ quit and cover up that tattoo.

but what the hell do i know?

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Re: mike vallely appreciation thread
« Reply #66 on: December 23, 2010, 05:42:54 PM »
Maybe this should be titled the Mike Vallely depreciation thread.  Wa Ca Wa Ca.

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Re: mike vallely appreciation thread
« Reply #67 on: December 31, 2010, 12:34:56 PM »
yeah bro. by making this you blew it so hard like ebony porn....hmmmmmm


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Re: mike vallely appreciation thread
« Reply #68 on: December 31, 2010, 12:37:12 PM »
Fuck him, never should of left Powell in the first place.
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