Author Topic: Spots that are rougher than they seem  (Read 1084 times)

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Spots that are rougher than they seem
« on: November 30, 2011, 01:43:13 PM »
People are always talking about how every spot on the west coast is perfect. It IS the case 75% of the time, but since moving out here from New England (where a rough spot is as close as you can get to a perfect spot) a couple years ago, I've been really surprised how hard it is to skate some stuff that always just looks too good to be true on video.

Griffith Park.

Now while the majority of the banks here ARE perfect, there is some gnarly cracks leading up to this ^ ledge that you never really see on video that can rob you of a try, and put some grime on the back of that white T. Also, anything on that tree channel is crazy now, cause its started to sink towards the bank or something, so now there's way less room for error.

Dead Board Ditch

all the graffiti here always masks the giant holes and cracks and uneven cement from showing up on coverage from this spot. Its seriously unfuckingbelieveable the quality of shit people have throw down here after you yourself have skated it. I don't know if its cause its so close to the ocean, and all the fog and saltwater thats in the air or what, but the stuff here is also falling apart. the deck on that big quater everyone skates, is non-existent anymore. crumbled and crack filled. bring big wheels and a few brews, and you'll have an amazing time or bring small wheels and a pillow for your hip, cause you're gonna be swoll.

LA City Hall

the bricks on the ground, and most especially the super tight transitions here, are  pretty rough. It can make for a nice massage on the feet after a day of skating around the city though. I think Daewon kickflipped into one of these trannyplanters from the 3 set thats a very long distance away. Go skate there and think about how crazy that would be, going super fast and landing on basically a giant, crack filled, ceramic cheese grater.

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