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Re: Hjalte Halberg is Pro
« Reply #30 on: February 09, 2012, 03:05:44 AM »
Hjalte just had an interview on the danish skateboard site/magazine

Its in danish, but I just translated it the best i could. Sorry about the stranges frases and misspelling. Hope you enjoy it - Hjalte is the illest!!

How does it feel to skate with a board that has your name on it?
Its nice – ALL your tricks are easier when you have a pro-board!

Can you feel some extra pressure now when you has been bumped to pro status
Oh yes, enormous pressure, Pontus calls everyday and wants photos and footy… Nah, it has gotten a bit more serious after I jumped the Polar train. Pontus requires a few different things, but its all good, or else I would just be skating Jarmers and ‘Parken’ everyday. I can do that when I get old!

How much do you think it will effect your life, becoming pro?
Not much, I have been working on the Polar video and some other stuff for some time now. I will still dedicate most of my time to skateboarding. I will never be rich off it though, quite the opposite.

Do you stop working at the kindergarden and become a full-time skateboarder?
Both yes and no. I have worked through most of the winter, but from February and forward the tours start coming and I wont have time for work. I have 5 tours planned for this spring, and it gets even more hectic the closer to summer we gets. Maybe I wont have time to work again until fall. Maybe I can do something in-between tours at my fathers horticulture. I will probably be pretty broke through the year. That’s how it is to be a struggling artist, as Høst (Danish skater) would have said it.

Have you had any influence on your (e) graphic (s)?
Yes definitely. The Jarmers board was my idea. So usually Pontus sits all day long and draw, and then he sends me a lot of proposals that I have to choose from. He also asks me if I have some good ideas, but I think really it's hard to think of something original to suit me. Finally came up with some suggestions!!

What should we expect from your first pro part from POLAR?
A lot of nudity, speed, bacic tricks and a lot of Scandinavian spots. Pontus pushes me into a little of each.

What was the hardest part of filming for your POLAR party?
That I should be naked all the time and that the spots we skate is fucking rugged.

Will we see you in Copenhagen / DK again, now that you have to travel the world and skate and shoot?
Well Copenhagen is my home base. Maybe I will come to be more in Malmö than Copenhagen this summer, but Copenhagen is my base.

Have you thought about standing in the Pro contests now? F.ex Tampa Pro or Cph Pro?
No, not really, Pontus says I need to skate Cph Pro, but I think I will call in sick that day.

How is the Pontus as a boss?
He is good. He pulls in my skating, pushes me all the time and what's possible for me. Clearly requires something more than what I've tried before, but I like it!

Do you have any last words or advice you can give the little kids out there who want to be Pro, like you?
Skate as one from Scandinavia, and not from the U.S. – And skate more street.

The last words?
Word for the whole Jarmers crew, you know who you are, Respect for the hole team and the park crew. (Special thanks to Dino for sending me Good morning messages, even when it snows and hails). Peace out!

Thanks - and congratulations on the new title!