Author Topic: ☹[email protected] Byne$ Da Gawdess has los+ her marblez (◡︿◡)  (Read 779 times)

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cliff notes version: Amanda Bynes tried going to go to an old folks home last night to visit a relative, but she got turned down because they thought she was drunk or on a good one. they called a cab for her, but she told the cab driver she had no cash, so he left her there. she returned to the retirement home and that's when they called the cops on her. the police let her go and didn't arrest her or anything. she then went out and started a small fire in a random person's drive way. a neighbor saw what was going on and tried to help, when he realized who it was. he saw Amanda on the floor with part of her pant leg on fire. another taxi was called as the fire was ragin, but the neighbor told him to go because she was not okay in the head, so taxi driver 2 took off. the neighbor said she was lighting either a gas can or gas tank and trying to cover it with a sweater. she also burnt her lil chihuahua in the blaze. the cops came and when they questioned her as to why she was doing this, her answers made no sense, so she was 5150'd (put on a 72 hour psychiatric hold.)

part 1

part 2

part 3


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i dont feel like clicking play. whats all this?

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Such a shame. I had dreams of becoming a C-List rapper with hopes of her mistaking me for Drake so I could "murder her vagina" but alas that pussy might be pure trash at this point. She's had my heart in a chokehold since the Amanda Show man why she have to let a nigga down like this? Amanda PLEASE!