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training methods
« on: July 25, 2013, 12:47:56 AM »
Yang Cheng thought it was funny, "Why so sure?"

"He and I talked a few times, he has a high tactical ability and tactical knowledge!" Tim said Hank convincing.

Yang Cheng This is what had to seriously look on the sidelines, Elite nfl jerseys, and a stadium that looked out of place wearing a suit of old German middle-aged, he really had Tim Hanke said so much? Historically One person can never so!

In Yang Cheng curious about Paul Beyer a while, then threw himself into training two players were to go, Paul Beyer was always very interested in looking at Yang Cheng training on not far from the first team training is indifferent, let alone walk past and say hello to the black Grosvenor.

From an understandable move, he is not very cool black hryvnia!

A moment later, I heard the wind Deere Smit came, came to Paul Beyer side.

"This should be your first step into this a training ground for it, Paul!" Deere Smit said with a smile.

Paul Beyer nodded, Coach Purses outlet, address him Deere Smit's name, "Yes ah, Stefan! But I always still feel, when the old training ground a little better, although this one a lot better training ground facilities, but no previous training ground share ** and blood, dead! "

"You have the opportunity to change all this, Paul!" Deere Smit also somewhat expected laughs.

What to know Paul Beyer shook his head, "impossible, Stefan, I'm not a coach of the material!"
"But I always believed that if you coach a team, you can definitely become East Germany's most outstanding coach!"
"So what?" Paul Beyer ask, then wry smile, shook his head: "Stefan, GDR era has passed, now is the Federal Republic of Germany, the times have changed, and that we should not re-use Now look at the concept of the old world, Coach outlet online, we should take the initiative to go out and actively absorb new things. "
Perhaps he really can become East Germany's most outstanding coach, but he did not feel the best when East Germany was a proud coach thing, because he was out of been there, so he knew enough of the world altar, Reinhardt ? Black Grosvenor this one the best coach GDR how small, how insignificant.

Even if you let him do to East Germany first, then what will happen?
He had all kinds of contact with the outside, so he knew that if he became head coach, perhaps the greatest achievement is the lifetime GDR first, Nfl jerseys wholesale, like black Grosvenor same, but he did not want that, so he go the other way.

"The Chinese people's training methods and tactics very interesting!" Silent for a moment, Paul Bayer initiative to change the subject.

About coaching, between him and Deere Smit dispute have had countless times, but he always stick to their ideas.