Author Topic: The Rockets locker room soup pout and the players in preaching  (Read 348 times)

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ackson nodded and said: "You play and Dennis said, pay attention to controlling rebounds, youth nfl jerseys,
you let go attacking play, to give Scott and Tony pulled them space to attack."The only heavy Cole nodded.In the game there are 3 minutes more, when the Bulls with Cole replaced Longley, the Bulls are now available are purely a small lineup.After playing Cole, walked around Rodman said: "Dennis, coach let your attention to rebound."Rodman nodded his head and said nothing.After playing, Cole quickly led Ray? Allen lap, looking for the rocket weaknesses.Kukoc a sudden turn blocked, followed behind Cole Ray? Allen.Cole, a jump, ran beyond the arc, Pippen's eyes watching him early in it, ran out to see the location, like a missile, like basketball, spread Cole's hands.Cole the ball without any hesitation, direct third shot.Basketball in the air without much rotation, straight got into the rocket the basket."Shua"Sound is very crisp, very sweet, and the Nets basketball friction reveal white flowers is so beautiful.However, such a beauty, the rocket is very deadly.On the sidelines of the soup made a gesture to increase the defensive players rocket efforts.Yes, Cole is a worthy effort to increase the defensive player, Ray? Allen saw the soup gesture nodded.Rocket attack the ball, like plaster, like Cole posted on mine? Allen's body, Bodie Roca watching Ray? Allen was pegged after playing gesture to cover the inside of the bus.Put on the bus to do the cover for the Bodie Roca, authentic nfl jerseys,
were a wall blocking the bus Harper, Bodie Roca one big rounded out the encroaching inside the basket, the basket Rodman and Scottie Pippen rapid attack, Harper also bypass behind the bus caught up.Three anti-folders, in all that you want to lose the ball when Bodie Roca, Roca Bodie fling the ball to the behind, the bus has been vented, received basketball firmly hit a record vote, Adds two points for the Rockets.But this time from the end of the game has been less than two minutesOne hundred and seventieth chapters in Chicago, here we come (five)One hundred and seventieth chapters in Chicago, here we come (five)As Jordan's fate rest, the rocket began to take the advantage in the field, the Bulls attack was gradually suppressed.Watching the court such a situation, Phil? Jackson put Cole, Cole hopes to use to open a projected capacity of the Bulls winning road.Hou Keer play a third ball to the Bulls saw hope.However, the rocket is not so good to deal with, Ray? Allen immediately stepped up the defensive intensity, intent blocked Cole.Ray? Allen Cole followed closely behind, firm personal defense, so very uncomfortable Cole, Cole this kid looked at his side, whispered, said: "Boy, you belong to leech do? posted so tight. "Ray? Allen said blankly: "I belong or something, you tube less, my task is to affix you Dingsi you, cheap authentic jerseys,
so you can not do anything."Ray? Allen's remarks directly Cole silent, Cole knew most troublesome is now in front of this kid up.Cole hit a three-pointer, they began to silence the rocket using the first half of the last two minutes, began a frenzied attack, four shots all hit, a wave of 10:0 offensive, the Rockets go-ahead at the last moment score.Increased from eight points behind to overtake when the end of the game by 2 points.52:50Let everyone is stunned to see, within 2 minutes even after 10 minutes, the rocket attack tyrannical let everyone palpitations.Go-ahead score in the last minute so that the rocket all the players are very happy, after all, at the last moment overtake opponents are a people happy things.Soup can easily look back to the locker room, but a door into the locker room, old Tom's face had sunk down, and he did not want the rocket gang kid, too relaxed, so that they are less good.Rockets players who see the middle of his face coach Shen Things like, my heart is surprised, we all know what it was like old Tom's character, and soup in peacetime is a very nice person, nor is it too blame players coach, so the players are still very fond of soup.Although old Tom's face was heavy, but the talk is still relatively modest,nfl jerseys china,
hears old Tom said: "Guys, the last moments of the first half we played very well, in the final moments ahead score, this is not what teams are can do, but you did it, I am very pleased and very happy, but I want to remind you, the last time Michael did not play, the Bulls are on the offensive and defensive side there is a huge loophole, with such a situation , at the last moment we overtake his opponent, so this is not the reason we should be proud, and I hope we can laugh at the end of the game after such a happy, that is true. "Old Tom's remarks, the Rockets players are disturbed mind, in fact, we all know how it is, just give yourself some psychological comfort fills the rocket in their own home do not look twice defeated his opponent, but as the Union Over the years playing overlord, the Bulls still very deterrent.The Rockets locker room soup pout and the players in preaching, when the Bulls locker room has been brewing storm.Bulls players are Dizhuonaodai, not looking at his face ashen Phil already? Jackson, the last few races I do not know how, Phil? Jackson increasingly unable to control his temper, and this gives Everyone is very unexpected.Phil? Jackson livid face, half did not speak, so keep looking around Bulls player, and then slowly cold voice said: "I would like to know in the first half of the last moments in the end what you are doing, you are sleepwalking do? look is how you play the game,Coach handbags outlet,
 the last two minutes, the Rockets four shots all hit, even the next 10 points, two threes, a cast, a dunk, you good ah, do not end Michael you will not play yet? professional players do you still have that professional players like you, baggy was a breakthrough, who was directly shot in the head, you still have a face in the league, diving , you still are not a championship team. "Phil? Jackson's words, wanted a knife deep headlong into the hearts of the Bulls players, that has never been the stigma in their hearts rising.