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Re: Skate 4
« Reply #30 on: February 03, 2014, 09:38:58 PM »

If this guy made a game, it would be a shitty game.

As someone who has followed this game since skate 1 was first revealed, posted on the OG fluckit forums, made an online team before it was a thing, put out 3 video parts, & has pretty much mastered all 3 games, I am truly disgusted by this chode. Dead ass serious

i think its very fitting that you refer to them as the "OG flickit forums" and he talks about how he is at his "OG spot that he found."  Im glad youve both established the authority you hold over us plebeians

the FLUCKIT (not flickit) forums was the very first internet community for making skate teams & videos back before the first game even came out. I was a part of one team then formed my out & we even put out a full vid. Im just saying i got love for the franchise and have put a lot of hours into all 3 games so to see a clown like this try to show out on the internet is very annoying to me.

i was just messin with you dog, and oh i figured you made a typo in the first post.  Ive had em all since day 1 too and just bought the first 2 again when I was in cincy for christmas just to play em on my brothers xbox
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