Author Topic: designing spots vs. exploring the city ..?!  (Read 2516 times)

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Re: designing spots vs. exploring the city ..?!
« Reply #30 on: March 03, 2014, 10:51:36 AM »
^ The Kap 686 in Cologne proves the opposite. It's forbidden to skate the traditional Domplatte and everybody goes to the new plaza... even skate teams are making demos there. A few years ago, they would go and film lines at the ledges and stairs; now they do little web clips at the plaza. More and more footage is filmed at skateparks... don't get me wrong, I mostly skate parks myself but only because there are no real spots where you could have fun for a while.

My question is: are spots only interesting for filming etc. as long as no skateability has been intended?
E. g. DIY- spots seem to be 'valid' for filming even though they have been built for it...

>> Is skateboarding all about finding originary spots and 'misusing' street furniture or can new creative spots (not skateplazas) be created on purpose like the examples above ??

Building DIY spots and misusing city-furniture are a lot more similar than skating a park that's been designed and purposed for exactly what you're doing. If you skate a park it's like quarter pipe to get speed form-->pyramid with rail on it-->bank to reverse direction, the way someone planned and imagined you would do. Building physically is creative, because you yourself envisioned the purpose, and misusing public city ledges and sets is creative because you're bringing a different purpose in.

That being said you skateparks don't have to be skated so consumptively. I've definitely seen weird original lines and obstacles usage at skateparks that I doubt the creators could have conceived of. I've seen really shitty pre-fab parks where the ramps aren't set in the ground well, and people would just tear that shit out and move it around, changing it up every week or so when it got boring...

But anyways, I think the distinction is of creation vs. consumption, creation being making new physical spots or imagining new purposes for city furniture, and consumption being skating something how yuur supposd2.