Author Topic: Toriotoko Halloween Chaos: panty shots, hijinks, mandible claw footage etc.  (Read 909 times)

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Oh and old japanese pop music  ;D


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colin read mini ramp makeout #very sexi #must watch


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Holy shit japan seems so insane. That was the craziest crew ever! In the us they'd get beaten up for trying to do all those panty shots n shit

Connor Kammerer has the loosest, coolest style, that line was so hectic through all the people

I need to go to Tokyo...

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I have no idea what i watched but it looks like a fun time

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  • We're just 2 lo(b)s(t)ers sitting behind a screen
they were acting pretty desperate though... i was cringing.
also not hanging out in the right part of tokyo for halloween but whatevs :-\

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Th skating was cool, but the sexual harassment wasn't really that awesome. Tokyo looks so fun to skate around


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Panty very unarousing boxer short shots