Author Topic: My new startpage, collected skatevideos. Need suggestions on feeds to ad.  (Read 347 times)

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Just made a little webpage that collects videos from Thrasher, Jenkemmag, Epicly Later?d and such,just to make it a bot more easier for me to be updated on new videos. Haven?t tested it out fully yet, but seems to work fine so far.

Some of the feeds are straight youtube feeds, cause not all sites have a working rssfeed. Some dont even have a youtube account, like Epicly Later?d, so i pull that from tags, which means sometimes wierd stuff could show up. Would rather have the link to the original pages, so they get some more clicks, (except the berrics) but without the proper rssfeed i cant.

A sidemenu so you can sort the feed you want, and then a popup for each video/siteclip.

Would love some suggestions on what to add, will try to add as much feeds as i can from different brands.