Author Topic: New wheel co by Chet Thomas- Wreck Wheels  (Read 5923 times)

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Re: New wheel co by Chet Thomas- Wreck Wheels
« Reply #30 on: August 01, 2014, 02:19:49 PM »
So does this mean no knights in black armour?

Will they match my Darkstar / Kreeper set up?

haha i rode those darkstar wheels when darkstar was just a wheel company and they had those no flatspot wheels when the company first came out. they were actually pretty good, i didnt buy a shit ton of them but thats probably because they lasted a while. werent too sticky too.

too bad chet didnt test a prize fighter wheel in that sample, i would be curious to see how theyd fair in the same scenario.


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Re: New wheel co by Chet Thomas- Wreck Wheels
« Reply #31 on: August 01, 2014, 07:05:26 PM »
They should do another test of PFC, AB, PRC, SML, Momentum, Satori, etc. I know they are going after the big boys, still...


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Re: New wheel co by Chet Thomas- Wreck Wheels
« Reply #32 on: August 01, 2014, 08:20:16 PM »
Chet Thomas can do no wrong, I believe in him, and the wheels. Video proof doesn't lie


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Re: New wheel co by Chet Thomas- Wreck Wheels
« Reply #33 on: August 08, 2014, 11:30:35 PM »

Got my Wreck 55mm today (I ordered the square cuts but they sent me the original cuts :( it's as if  I'm destined to not ride a square tablet wheel, F4 fulls vanished, got sent the wrong shape) anyway I noticed they looked more round than I thought they would be but was too stoked and set'em up took them out for a couple of hours to test them out, initial thoughts:

Wrecks feel like hard OJs, this is a good thing. OJs tend to feel 'dead' to me, these don't.

They don't feel rock/tooth-chattering hard like STFs or F4s do on rough terrain but they are still hard.

They feel like wheels! STFs/F4s/Autobahns (also poured at Aend, like Wreck) tend to have a plasticy feel (f4s less so than STFs).

Wreck come treaded, this sucks, I hate treads. Pi Wheels come with 'stoneground' riding surface, best fresh wheel feel ever.

They slide very well and very controlled, I never felt like they were going to slip out on me so they don't have that wooooooooooooooah feeling you get on F4s right before they cut loose ;)

I've been riding F4s mostly (switched from the 101a to 99a) and a set of 100a Autobahns which I found too grippy and not hard enough yet have a nice screech. Don't get me wrong, I love the F4s (never been a fan of STFs), and F4s slide sooooo well at the cost of being so damn hard. I'll probably bit on the Conicals unless the wrecks let me down, which is doubtful.

Here's a shitty clip of me skating around on a shitty, rough-ass road on fresh wheels (and deck/bushings/bearings) to let you hear how they sound and see a slide or two, oh and one trick. I'm not kidding when I say this is shitty; I've not been out skating at all this week except to commute and this was a cold start on a new ride =D

I know it's shakey, there's one FS 360 slide in here, I didn't think I would get it around given the road/treads but they did it and two impossibles (one you can't see but you can hear it,).

I think they didn't screech on my setup as the wheels are snug to the nut/axle and this usually deadens it for some reason.

It's still too early to tell (and I won't get to try them on transition until next weekend) but it seems like they are on point. They feel great and if they last as long as claimed they're going to do well.

give them a few more sessions and tell us about the positive aspects too

Totally agree, I doubt the treads are even gone yet (treads suuuuuck, we all know it).
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